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  1. this is not 100% correct. The 1K limit for GST due has been lifted, but not the custom duty one. So, below 1K, you pay GST only. Over 1K, you pay both GST and customs See https://www.abf.gov.au/buying-online/buying-online
  2. https://www.rtbb.com.au/product/stern-flipper-rebuild-kit-1977-1982/ but out of stock atm. Probably available in the US. As per the solenoid, are you sure it’s a J-27-2300 and not a B-27-2300? Which is inter exchangeable with NO-27-2300 (that’s the Bally version)
  3. They always use a domain similar to an actual business name so it's easy for them to make it look like it's the same business. The first "ultpinballmachines" domain was using Ultimate Arcade Machines' ABN.
  4. Yes, the guy they "stole" the first ABN from worked with the cyber crime unit and got them down I think, but now https://www.pgpinballs.com/ remains.
  5. Private group, but there's a public post about it here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/taspinarcade/permalink/2600489796947952
  6. Oh, don't worry, my expectations are really low when it comes to Wix!
  7. Wouldn't that be enough to "force" Wix to take the website down?
  8. In the meantime I had http://pgpinballmachines.com/ taken down. Wix doesn't seem to care much about scammers tho, unless they get an official court order to shut them down. Funny thing is, they initially took ipro down, just to let go online again a few weeks later?
  9. They are now operating under http://pgpinballmachines.com/ Also http://www.ipropinballmachines.com/ is back too, still on Wix!
  10. They conveniently used the same initials as the business they borrowed the ABN from (Pure Gaming Machines) so exactly the same practices as the previous ones. https://abr.business.gov.au/ABN/View/87825932144 The owner of the business they stole the first ABN from had them taken down and is now working on this new one with the police. Seeing it's the same guys, hopefully it will go quicker this time.
  11. Out of curiosity, what's the address and ABN they gave you?
  12. OK found them: https://www.pgpinball.com.au Scam. "Do you accept pickup?" "No, At the moment we only do online sales and deliver within 7 days after confirmation of payment." Sure.
  13. What's their website? If it's a default WIX template that looks like what http://ultpinballmachines.com/ and http://www.ipropinballmachines.com/ were (glad they finally took them down), with their social account linking to Wix's because they couldn't bother changing them and have no social presence anyway, then it's a scam. What would immediately tell you it's a scam is they have no physical store and you can't inspect the games prior to purchasing, or with weird conditions. Check the address, scammers use existing addresses but it's something else there (ultpinballmachine was the southport hospital on the gold coast...). They were also "recycling" the ABN of another company with a name close to theirs (for example ultimate arcade for ultimate pinball)
  14. @BioBa sells Titan kits, you can even mix and match colours if needed. Tbh I think transparent for all the rings would work great on Demo Man. You can have some accent colour for the sleeves and grommets, and go colours for flippers too.
  15. well, why asking here then, if you already made your mind?
  16. Who? This seller? https://www.ebay.com/str/pinsidertrading They are definitely legit. $1100 USD to ship to AU is actually not too bad for a single game if door to door.
  17. I always use https://www.flippers.com/coil-resistance.html
  18. Massive? You need to finish top 4 in the finals to get more than 20 points. You need to make the finals (top 16) to make more than 4 (four!!!) points. So yeah, a limited number (4) of very good players - who would have no issue getting points during the year even if they didn't go to the ACS - will have access to an extra competition and potentially 50 points (if they win it). Big deal. To be honest, it would be far easier (and cheaper) to go to, let's say, a flip frenzy and finish top 4 to make more than 10 points rather than try to finish top 8 at the ACS. I think these points are hard earned and well deserved.
  19. Speaking of attendance, the rankings page now shows who’s invited (pending any results that still need to go to IFPA but I think they are all in?). https://encapsulated.com.au/acs/ IFPA registered players will get an official email but happy to take any declined/confirmed from here as well to get the ball rolling. Remember if you decline the invite, this is final and you can’t take your spot back unless all the options have been exhausted and there’s a last minute available spot. Sent from my iPhone using Aussie Arcade
  20. We are actually beta testing this already in the page itself. Designated admins with a username/password can mark players as confirmed or declined and that moves the cutoff automatically when a spot is declined. For qualifying reasons, we can't show any "public" cutoff before the end of the year tho, unless Luke and Dan are fine with that? Re higher ranked people being not considerate... Well, guess what @DAG, I'm maintaining this page and I developed the automated system so we have a clear realtime view of the acceptances and people can book as soon as possible. Maybe I'm the exception from the top 48? I suggest you calm down on the derogatory comments tho, it's been a lot lately, and it's really not helping.
  21. That's great because it means I can create a page similar to the ACS one and automatically list the qualifiers. I'll keep you posted @Lambo
  22. What Manny65 said. That’s how I shipped my Atlantis from Europe to here. It was perfectly fine. Just keep in mind it will be non stackable, so you might get charged a bit more.
  23. Make sure the dead world holes are aligned with the crane and the optos of the crane exit work perfectly. With this mod, as soon as the game doesn't detect the ball actually leaves the ring (through the optos), it thinks it's still in and will try to grab it again for a few times, until it decides it's deemed stuck (while it might actually not be, it just didn't went through the optos) and will start kicking 2 balls in the shooter lane until you reset it. It is definitely fixable but it's hard work to get everything perfectly aligned and reliable.
  24. Block the outlanes too when you're at it.
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