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  1. 6,700 I couldn't get this game to work properly, basic score. Going back to see if I can improve my DK score :)
  2. 12,070 An improvement on my last effort
  3. 80,000 on the dot ! A better game this time, for me a least :)
  4. 50,500 slight improvement but no change on the leader board (must try again !)
  5. 8,650 slight improvement 9,970
  6. bump, still looking, getting close to needing it
  7. Just seeing if anyone has these plastics locally for sale. Thanks
  8. I was looking for a fish tales pf if its still available?
  9. Check if @Railways has any left
  10. I finally managed to find a Fish Tales for a cheap price, but with a cheap price comes a playfield with a fair bit of planking. It plays fine and I am happy with it, but for a future project I would like to swap out the playfield for a better one. So, I thought I would just put in out there to see if anyone has a Fish Tales playfield for sale in good condition or at least able to be restored. Thanks Trevor
  11. There is a surfer on fb market place for $4500
  12. I was thinking of putting a switch on the coil so I can turn it on or off.
  13. I have managed to get all the parts from different sites, people etc so will make my own 😀 Got the dome from MarkC Got the decals as well, thanks for the offer
  14. Can you please add Fish Tales and remove Pinball Pool. Thanks
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