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  1. Depends on how bad the scratches are, if they are deep scratches, I normally take the easy way and buy new ones from @Railways, just depends how much you want to spend. For small scratches I use wet & dry sand paper with a lubricant like autosol or something similar. Just make sure you go with the grain.
  2. 27,620 I suck at this game. Haven't played it since the last time it was in the MGL, at least I did a bit better.
  3. Slowly getting there, I thought I had finished with the filling and sanding and gave it an under coat. But during the painting I noticed a few more spots that I have to fix and also another spot has de-laminated, probably during the final sanding. The base cabinet is also coming along and hopefully the bottom will go on in the next few days.
  4. 66,270 New game for me, took me a few games to get this score and still not real good, need more practice.
  5. I'm currently going thru the same thing with my TFTC, takes ages to get it to an acceptable stage.
  6. I know this is a popular title and hard to find but it's the only pin that my wife has liked and she has said she will buy one if I can find one, so I'm looking for one. NSW is preferred but will consider interstate. Looking for original or partially restored, not fussed on LEDs, prefer original globes, whatever I can get basically. Please let me know if your interested in selling one or know of one. Thanks
  7. I've restored a few worse than that, go for it.
  8. Agreed. I used these in my pinball pool, much stronger
  9. I'm surprised that the wiring would let you put the reels in the wrong slots. A pain in the arse but well spotted.
  10. I favour the older pins and pretty much every one I've bought has been a project that has at least needed the cabinet repaired and repainted. One painted green, another red and a few trashed and another major repair. I don't mind getting them in that condition as I learnt a lot getting them up to scratch. So the current pricing hasn't really affected me at the moment.
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