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  1. I have now been looking at the DMD connections, and it looks like I am missing a few things. The biggest thing is the 14 pin ribbon cable CN1 that connects the DMD Display to the driver board (the one in the red box below). I took this image from a youtube clip. I am also missing all the spacers that separate the PCBs from the heat shield. Does anyone know where I can get these parts? .
  2. More progress. After a bit of mucking around I got the ball launcher hardware all fitting together, I hadn't realised that it was broken but found a work around. The front is almost all done now, still working on the right side decal join and the overall front decal is a little bit to high, too late now but still looks OK. Have put in the main components, including a new speaker, I just have to work out the switches and flippers etc. I also have a few connections that I don't know where they go. I can't bolt the transformer down yet as I can't get under the cabinet yet, will have to wait till I put the legs on. I have also started the tidy up the cabling as well I also seem the have a PCB left over. It looks important as it has the TFTC v1.01 ROM chip on it, but bugged if I know where it goes? Maybe a superseded board? Update on this, I think it goes behind the DMD. This is a section of the pin that I haven't worked out as yet.
  3. Update on this project, has been going very slowly. I have now managed to get all the parts that I believe are missing so its just a matter of putting it back together 😬 I had a lot of trouble getting the correct paint. It's a common color but normally only available in ink. After a few attempts I found a paint store that had replicated the color. I painted to whole cabinet which is not really required for decals, but I though it might protect it a bit better. I know a guy at the local sign factory, so he applied the decals for me. He mentioned that because the decals are almost 4 years old that they might lift on the edges, which is what they have done. I have applied some glue to the edges and that seems to be working. Hopefully the updates will come a bit more regular from now on.
  4. 26,090 I use the panic method as I don't know the patterns. I have been in isolation since boxing day and have just got out this week. I was a close contact to my family who all got the virus but I did not so I haven't had access to my mame machine and couldn't play a few of the games, not that i'm a threat to any high scores.
  5. Just an update on the topper, all done. The Aussie parts came in within the week but the OS parts took over 2 months. A big thanks to fellow AA member @knazzofor the fish, back board and lamp board in very nice condition. With all the parts I just had to make up a bracket to fit the kicker and assemble. I did play a few games with the topper kicker hooked up but I don't think I would want it on all the time so I added a switch to turn it off and on when I want it.
  6. 289,020 Don't know what all the items do but managed to skip levels a few times and get into a bonus room, I have no idea what's going on 😄
  7. If no luck with the connectors, I got mine from here https://www.docentelectronics.com/httpdocs/AmusementGames/Pinball/Gottlieb/System One.htm
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