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  1. I have just been going through a pile of legs that I bought awhile ago and I came across these legs. I haven't been around in the pinball arena long enough to know what sort of pin they are off or whether they are a wanted item. The are 30" long and have a extra fold in the leg. They are painted black and rust has taken some of the paint off but are certainly salvageable. If anyone wants them they are free to pick up or pay postage to send. If no-one is interested they are going to the tip.
  2. Making some progress on the restore. I now have the stencils done, thanks to @Boots for an autocad file, so starting to sand and bog the cabinet. I started on the right side that had all the repair work done. I filled the gaps with structural epoxy adhesive this time, normally I just use builder's bog, but I thought as the epoxy is more liquid it would fill in the gaps a bit more. I did put on a bit more than needed but just want to make sure it will sand flat. I also found some rotted wood under the old rail, so I dug out the rotten bits and epoxied that as well. Also started de-rusting the metal parts. I started on the bar receiver which was pretty rusty, sorry no before pic, but after a few days soaking in Evaporust, it came up nicely. Next thing was the door. Very rusty at the bottom. The 2 bolts that hold the back of the coin return reservoir (not sure what it's called) snapped off, I'll have to sort out a work around. I have separated the front skin from the rest of the door and it will need some de-rusting work. I did manage to get some change from inside the door. That's it for now, back to de-rusting and cabinet work.
  3. 83,100 Not sure what i'm supposed to be doing? I run out of gas all the time?
  4. Quick update. I have been working on the front panel and partial side replacement. I have permanently attached the side wood with biscuit joins, but have only temporarily attached the front, just make sure everything fits correctly. I have to make a few slight adjustments but it's looking good. Still a few things to do to complete it. I have to make the groove on the top for the glass slider and drill the hole for the flipper button. I will also have to make up some new inside corner supports and drill the holes for the leg bolts, but its getting there.
  5. I followed this email up and apparently Jimmy, the guy that normally handles the emails, is moving on to another job within PBR. Sounds like a down grade in service to me.
  6. Just tried to send PBR an order via email like I normally do but got this reply: "We are open and accepting orders via the Telephone Monday-Friday 10:00AM-5:00PM EST. At this time we are Not offering Email Support/Ordering," I haven't ordered for awhile, is this a new thing ? It's going to be a pain for a big order.
  7. Just waiting on a few things before I start on the cabinet and de-rusting the metal parts, so I cleaned up the power board. I sanded the board, was in nice shape. I redid the labels. Put in the small transformer fuses. New EMI line filter and new power cord/plug.
  8. Well the water damage was a bit more than I thought, I will have to replace the front panel as well some of the side, bummer. Luckily I have to tools required that I bought when I did the Pinball Pool restore. The other side is undamaged, luckily.
  9. After having a break and selling a pin to make some room, it's time for another project and this time it's a Gottlieb Solar Ride, SS version. I picked this pin up about a year ago and it had been sitting in a partially underground garage for about 20 years in the seller's father in-laws place. Having been in a damp environment it's needless to says it has water damage. I initially thought the damage was just near the right front leg, but after pulling things apart, I found that I will probably need to replace the front of the cabinet. Starting with head box, it doesn't look too bad. I find that all the paint on the right hand side, head and cabinet, is flaky, probably as that was the side closest to the damp source. The inside looks OK but the board not so much. I have already purchase a Pascal 4-in-1 board to replace all the boards. The backglass looks great with only one small area that has flaked off. I have since sealed it to stop any more flaking. The cabinet paint work is pretty good and I was hoping to just leave it, but if I replace the front panel I will need to repaint and re-stencil. The coin door looks good from the front and will cleanup nicely, the back has a lot of rust on it which I find is pretty typical on these pins. The bottom of the cabinet looks pretty clean and the power board looks good, but I will do the normal add extra fuses, replace the power cord etc. I even have the original warranty certificate. The playfield is not too bad with the main part covered in mylar. There are a few minor wear spots but a lot of swirl marks which I'm finding hard to remove. Plastics are good although very dirty, but I do have spares from a previous project (i.e. I have a crappy spare populated playfield). Also looks like this pin was once owner by Goddard, @Autosteve Underneath looks pretty good as well but I will probably find some corrosion due to the damp. Well that's it for now, I'm currently making a list for my first PBR order then probably off to Bunnings for some wood.
  10. The most awesome game in the world at one stage. It bought my companies network to a screaming halt until they released the network patch and the head of IT put us on our own network.
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