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  1. I mean whatever directory your mk6emu.exe is in all the roms have to be in the ROMS directory under it. You can't load roms that are in other directories like roms2 etc. I don't know anything about the bin files.
  2. I think we previously worked out that the roms have to be in the ROMS directory directly under the executable.
  3. Bit of an update, haven't been doing much on this at the moment. I did the undercoat of few weeks ago Finished painting the cabinet today just before I go on a couple of weeks holidays in S.A., that will give it enough time to dry. I will have to do the speckle when I get back, then it's onto the stenciling.
  4. What game in particular, I know some require a touch screen to work
  5. There is a gilligans island on fb market place in SA for 7k
  6. Hey Judge, Was just looking at one of your earlier posts with some sort of script to get the mk6 pokies to run wull screen. I have tried and tried to do this but can;t seem to get it. Now All my machines have upgraded to windows 10, now i have the audio glitch problem that windows 7 could get around with 2000 compatibility.
    I have been trying to get them running through Coinops Collections. but to no avail. If possible could you give me an example of one batch file to run the Mk6 emu full screen?

    and obviously wondering if you have been able to get around the Audio glitch?

    Thanks In advance for anything you can help with.


    1. thejudge


      Put the script I posted into a file and run using the autohotkey program.  That program can then be launched from a batch file or within another program.

      I have only run the emulator from a windows 7 pc so can't help with the sound issue. .  

    2. OzDrDj


      The whole thing does nothing for me at all. I am running AutoHotKey Portable, but I can't see how the script works, nor do i understand it. Does it just run in the background and then when you launch the emu, it takes over?  Does it set the main directory from where it starts? In which case I would need it to go up a directory? Sorry, im so dumb.


  7. Try using this code in the script: #NoEnv ; Recommended for performance and compatibility with future AutoHotkey releases. SendMode Input ; Recommended for new scripts due to its superior speed and reliability. SetWorkingDir %A_ScriptDir% ; Ensures a consistent starting directory. ; When emulation has started, maximise the screen and pass control back to control panel WinWait, Roms Screen 1, IfWinNotActive, Roms Screen 1, , WinActivate, Roms Screen 1, { WinWaitActive, Roms Screen 1, Send, {RWINDOWN}{UP}{RWINUP} } WinWait, MK6 Emulator, IfWinNotActive, MK6 Emulator, , WinActivate, MK6 Emulator, {WinWaitActive, MK6 Emulator, WinMove,1,600 WinSetTitle, CLICK HERE TO USE BUTTONS }
  8. Last chance, off to the tip tomorrow
  9. I haven't been doing too much on this project at the moment, but I have finished de-rusting the door. It looks a lot better now, just have to put it back together again. I have also been de-rusting the legs that came with it and they are coming along nicely.
  10. I have just been going through a pile of legs that I bought awhile ago and I came across these legs. I haven't been around in the pinball arena long enough to know what sort of pin they are off or whether they are a wanted item. The are 30" long and have a extra fold in the leg. They are painted black and rust has taken some of the paint off but are certainly salvageable. If anyone wants them they are free to pick up or pay postage to send. If no-one is interested they are going to the tip.
  11. Making some progress on the restore. I now have the stencils done, thanks to @Boots for an autocad file, so starting to sand and bog the cabinet. I started on the right side that had all the repair work done. I filled the gaps with structural epoxy adhesive this time, normally I just use builder's bog, but I thought as the epoxy is more liquid it would fill in the gaps a bit more. I did put on a bit more than needed but just want to make sure it will sand flat. I also found some rotted wood under the old rail, so I dug out the rotten bits and epoxied that as well. Also started de-rusting the metal parts. I started on the bar receiver which was pretty rusty, sorry no before pic, but after a few days soaking in Evaporust, it came up nicely. Next thing was the door. Very rusty at the bottom. The 2 bolts that hold the back of the coin return reservoir (not sure what it's called) snapped off, I'll have to sort out a work around. I have separated the front skin from the rest of the door and it will need some de-rusting work. I did manage to get some change from inside the door. That's it for now, back to de-rusting and cabinet work.
  12. 83,100 Not sure what i'm supposed to be doing? I run out of gas all the time?
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