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  1. Based on your comments @Boots I decided to make my own after I found some left over perspex from another project. It's twice as thick as the original plastic so hopefully it will last. Here is the new one compared to remains of the old one. It's slightly bigger but still fits OK. Now I just need to find some orange paint 🙂
  2. Just seeing if anyone has this TFTC playfield plastic that they are willing to sell. Thanks
  3. There is a Wildlife project on FB marketplace but it has been there for a few weeks so you have probably seen it already
  4. I had no luck looking for a power switch for my Gottlieb System 1 cabinet, so I bought these which seem to work fine, could be an option. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/384120478897?hash=item596f5d5cb1:g:7l4AAOSwGSpgiQew
  5. Awesome, the best way to kill a burger 😀
  6. There is a sky jump on FB market place for $1900 and another one on Ebay.
  7. I redid the control panel overlay on my Neo Geo cabinet and had this overlay spare that you can have. Just PM me to work out the details.
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