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  1. Just been cleaning up my Vimeo account and came across this. I forgot all about it. I gave the original to Norbert, but not sure if it was ever posted here. Enjoy Ian Video Magician
  2. Just back from Diggers. Sadly it's all gone. They said they would have been happy for someone to have it, but the builders have now stripped the room & are halfway through the refurb. It's in some builders skip somewhere, and it's not outside Diggers, I looked! Makes the video even more important. Sorry Pat, but any plaques would have gone the same way too. HTB
  3. Sorry to report that the Bunker Bar at Coogee Diggers has undergone a major reno during the lockdown. I've yet to go in, as it is not yet open, but I think the Pinball Timeline will have gone. I work for the club as there Trivia Host so I will ask next time I'm in and report back. Hopefully, they gave Norman the opportunity to come and remove it before it went in the skip. Sorry about the original video link not working. I've let my Vimeo membership slip while work is quite. The video will re-appear when I finally join up again, but please use the YouTube link above if you want to see it.
  4. I'm in Australia, just 1,400km away from the event. :D
  5. Wish I was on that side of the country, Sounds like a fun event. Hope it all goes weel for you.
  6. UPDATE: Hornsby - Timezone XMen, Metallica Pro Game of Thrones (not sure which version). Tried to play them, but they don't take cash, just some card system!! It's hard enough to get people to play pinball as it is, why put obstacles in the way?
  7. Once again Norbert will be running his popular Flip Frenzy competitions on Sunday, Sept 24th (following his previous 'last Sunday of the month' format). Sorry for the short notice, but Norbert has been overseas. Registration is available via the PinballHQ website and limited to the first 40 players. The comp will run from 2:30 pm until 5:30 pm. So three hours of constant pinball fun, with all machines set to free play. It costs $30 to enter, and IFPA points will be awarded, along with free family passes & medals for the winners. If you need a bit of practice before the comp, then there is also the regular Sunday free play session from 11 is to 2 pm. You can play any & all machines for 3 hours for only $20/person or $30 for a family pass (2 adults & 3 children). This is a great fun event, and guarantees you get to play a great selection of machines and to play against many different players. The current line up at Pinball HQ is:- Hurricane ACDC Kiss Ironman Demolition Man Elvis Star Trek Big Guns The Getaway Funhouse Terminator 2 Adams Family Doctor Who Bram Stokers Dracula
  8. I love to hate Kaneda's podcast (and hate to love it, I think), but I keep on listening. Well done on getting to 150 episodes. Just one observation, whenever you have an interview, you go through a long introduction speel about who you are about to interview, and why, and what makes them great in pinball, then when the interview actually starts you say the same stuff all over again. I have too many podcasts backing up on my fruit based device as it is. Maybe here is an area you can help me (and all you other listeners) save a few minutes so I can listen to something else as well. Just my thoughts.:)
  9. Also. any software that provides a result within a few minutes of the last game being played would be a huge benefit in my opinion. I am a great supporter of Norbert and started this thread to try and drive some more players to the comp, but I can't understand why we have to wait 40 minutes after the comp has finished while the results are double & triple checked by hand. It is the nature of this event, that people will have traveled to get there, and have that same journey ahead of them at the end of the day. Once the comp is finished, lets rap it up asap, and let those who want to get away start there trips home. Sorry, that's just my gripe. Otherwsie a great afternoon and a great comp. HTB
  10. Having spoken with Norbert last night, he was happy for me to promote his Flip Frenzy competition happening at the end of the month. Don't know why he don't get on AA himself, but I enjoy his events and happy to help him out. This is a fun event, and a great chance to play many machines, against many different people. Full details and registration are on the Pinball HQ Website here. But in essence, it runs from 2:30 pm for 3 hours. Numbers are limited to a maximum of 40 players to ensure minimal time spent waiting around. You will be playing pretty much non-stop for 3 hours. After each game the result is recorded, and the player with the most wins at the end of day wins. It's a great fun comp, and if you need a little practice before the comp, you can play all the machines on free play from 11-2 for just $20. Or better value is the family pass for $30 allowing 2 adults & 2 kids to play 3 hours unlimited pinball. Hope to see many of you there.
  11. Htbast

    Future Title

    I have dreamed of a Blues Brothers pin since I was 16 (a long time ago). Shopping Mall Multiball, 'You boys get wise, you get to Church!', 'Fix the Cigarette Lighter". I got very excited once when I heard a pin playing the Peter Gunn theme, only to discover it was Who Donnit.
  12. Hi Chris, Been listening to your podcast for the last 8 months or so, and applaud the recent change in direction. You come across so much more professional when you are not effing & jeffing and being controversial. You are the only regular podcast that provides regular updates on what is happening in the hobby, so please keep it up. Welcome to Australia.
  13. And Norbert has just installed Aerosmith for this comp too!! :)
  14. One of the things I discussed with Norbert was the fact that as soon as a player stepped away from the machine, they could get distracted, beer, food, another player asking how they doing etc. And this could lead to a player forgetting to report a score back to Norbert. The idea was to make it the winners responsibility at the table, as the winner is more likely to want the score recorded correctly. Also this method also allows Norbert (or whoever is in charge of the spread sheet), to step away and take a break, or watch the comp, fix machines etc. Not saying this is the best way to run it, but it's just what came out of our discussion after the event.
  15. I had a long discussion with Norbert the following Wednasday on how the scoring could be simplified, and how to avoid the hour plus wait while all the scores were tallied up. On asking why we had the double entry system (on sheets on the machine, and having to tell Norbert at the computer) He said it was so he could keep a running total, and players could see how they were tracking through the event. Also having to find each players row in the spreadsheet, and put a mark in the column against then for a win/loss was time consuming. We agreed, we didn't need to record the win/loss against a specific player, but just enter the players number. My suggestion, and Norbert was quite receptive to it was to have the folder at each machine, with multiple A5 score sheets. It would be the winners responsibility to record both players number and name onto the front sheet in the folder. Every half hour (or whenever was practice) Norbert could walk around all machines and remove the front sheet from each folder. Scores continue to be recorded in the folders on the new front sheet. Norbert could then run down the each sheet, entering first the winning numbers then, into a second column the loosing numbers. Some spreadsheet magic can then be used to keep track of the occurances of each number in the winners and losers columns. So just by entering the number, the system could keep track of how many wins and losses for each player. And the big screen can display how each player is tracking. This system reduces the amount of admin for the players, as we only have to record the score once. And greatly simplifies the work Norbert has to do, as he is just entering a column of numbers, rather than having the find the player every time he enters a win/loss. And at the end of the comp, he just has to enter the last sheets of win/loss numbers before the final result is revealed. I hope this makes sense. It's actually a very simple system, just difficult to explain without actually showing it working. Can anyone offer any further refinments?
  16. Have to say well done lads. This has been a great thread, and I've enjoyed it all over the last few days. Looks like you have some great memories. Thanks for all your efforts, it's been brilliant. Cheers
  17. Good Luck @hutch. Good to see you keeping the Aussie end up against some of the big names in Pinball. Hope you have a great event.
  18. I'm guessing the beers are available on the day, and your choice is what's available when you walk up to the bar, rather than reserving what you want through this page. Or am I wrong? Also is this going to be bottled or draft? Never needed an excuse to drink beer before, but if your going to have one, this is great!! Cheers
  19. Just wanted to add my thanks to everyone who helped put on such a great show. I can only imagine the effort that went into bumping all those pinnies in and out. Great event, and already looking forward to the next one. Hope to catch some of you at the Flipper Frenzy in Coogee next month. Cheers Ian
  20. Phone reception can be tricky in parts of the Bunker Bar, especially in the rear room where the older machines are. I normally have to go outside to get reception. Maybe its just my phone??
  21. Hi Guys, Played a few games today, and have posted scores and photos. (I dont think any of the top 8, or even 15 have to worry). Have to say Diner is still doing strange things. Lost $2 with no credit, them in my best game, it reset itself when I had just reached 12m on ball two!!! But I understand these things happen, and have to say I have really enjoyed visiting different venues over the last few months. It would be a shame if this became a single venue tournament, but I also appreciate all the hard work that must go in behind the scenes organising, so thanks to everyone who has made this happen. Cheer HTB
  22. Please add me to your ever growing list. HTBAST - Ian
  23. Just found this thread, after receiving Norberts email today. I'm in. Sounds like Fun, but keep it simple, and with a specified finish time. I really hate the comps that go on, and on, and on........ and on. :)
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