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  1. Looking for a new set of pinball pimp or equivalent stencils for Meteor. Their postage is currently $100 us 🤪
  2. Missing last two right vertical lines. Otherwise fine. Perfect for a cheap fix if the missing lines dont bother you. Out of a Hurricane. $50 or $60 posted.
  3. Correspondence sent to preorders this week apparently advising they will now only make 130 and another 6 week delay. They will no longer put out media releases. Tipping this will be their last communication. Ship has sunk. Bankruptcy looms.
  4. Im out sorry Rusty. Working late into the afternoon. Wont get there in time.
  5. What are people thoughts on buying bnib again with all the issues raised. Between forums and podcasts there seems to be a lot of quality control issues. Although be it a toaster, or a restaurant, you generally only hear the bad reviews. Considering a Toy Story but at that price, would expect minimal issues. Maybe a dud electronic component here or there, but crooked decals and parts missing seems really lazy. The announced reduction on warranty period also is a red flag.
  6. Three extra balls, three multiballs and two completed mirrors.
  7. Can you remove me too please from the reserves list. Double booked with footy presentations
  8. That would seem unlikely as part of the cost of paying for a CE is the fact that it’s limited to only 500. It certainly doesn’t have $5000 worth of extra features on it. It’s the rarity that gives it more value.
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