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  1. Victorian Competitive Pinball is back! Announcing the 2021 Victorian Pinball Championship Series. Official IFPA comps won't be back until probably the last part of the year, but we don't want to stop all the fun social gatherings and the competitive spirit we have had in the past. We have created a new ranking system just for 2021. The VFPA will award VPPRs (not WPPRs). At the moment there will be 3 monthly tournaments to earn them: (Dates are subject to change based on Public holidays and opening hours) 1. Bayside Pinball Club - First Thursday of every Month 2. Moon Dog World - Somewhere in the middle of every Month 3. Pixel Alley - Last Tuesday of every Month The qualifying dates: Start: NOW! Pixel Alley on the 19th of Jan will be the first tournament! End: November 30th 2021. The top 32 players will be invited to the finals which will determine the State champ for 2021. It will be held sometime in December. Every monthly comp is worth 50 VPPRs for the winner regardless of attendance or TGP for format. There is then a sliding scale for VPPRs for other positions depending on attendance numbers. There will be a $1 fee for every competitor which will go towards the state champ prizes. Important notes: - All Comps will still run under IFPA rules in terms of format/structure/rulings. - When IFPA does come back, the $1 fee will go towards the IFPA, but the Vic Championship Series will still go ahead and run in the background. - More monthly comps can join in if there are new venues that want to run. Please message me. - Special once off comps (like Rosstown, etc) can be run and apart of the Championship. They will need to have a least 16 players, and at least 50% TGP to be included. Special one off comps, just like monthly comps will need to be open to EVERYONE. All comps will need to be listed at least 2 weeks in advance on Melbourne Pinball Tournaments Facebook Page. - The formula for how many VPPRs you get is. F=finishing position. P=participants. VPPRs=50*((P-F+1)/P)^2 - Special consideration and more VPPRs will be given to a 'Major'. Like Melbourne Matchplay or Melbourne Silverball Championship - Top qualifiers for the championship will be given an advantage during the finals (Byes/Double chance/game choice...TBD)
  2. Rubbish 😘 A certain amount of combos enables portal locks Portal locks = multiball in modes and higher scoring. There there are combo jackpots you can cash out. And more There aren't many games that will reward you thst much for combos!
  3. 5 ramps! A ramp that can be hit with 3 flippers. Endless combos
  4. Hi! I love my Avengers. It's the greatest shooting game ever and I will fight anyone who disagrees But! I can't get Elvira HOH out of my head and I want to play one to figure out if I want to buy it as it's serious $ and a long wait time. Does anyone in VIC want to do a temporary swap and get a game that was sold out in hours? 😊 No money exchange. Just swap pins for whatever about time time we agree to. I don't care if it's a premium or LE.
  5. Cool. You are on the list at 16. But it should be fine as not everyone can do each day.
  6. 1. Michael 2. Moyra 3. Adrian W - Friday only 4. Stacey 5. Stu 6. Erik - Friday Only 7. Kat - Friday Only 8. LUke - Friday only 9. Ashleigh 10. Broadie 11. McMin 12. Simon RA - Saturday only 13. Axel 14. Matty Will lock in a date this weekend once weather reports come out. Probably Friday night at this stage unless Saturday is super hot
  7. Sweet. Games should be something like Tron LE Metallica LE Rick and Morty Avengers AIQ ACDC Woz Stars Sea witch Harlem Quicksilver Star trek Le Lord of the rings Everything else is out of order �
  8. I am happy to have 15 people over my house not this weekend but the next to play Rick and Morty and Avengers
  9. Copy and pasting what I wrote on facebook since some people aren't on there. Got to play today. I'm a big JJP fan but this is next level stuff! --- Just wanted to post some quick thoughts on JJP GnR for those that are interested and have been messaging me. While it's still fresh! The game is awesome! I haven't been able to stop thinking about it since playing...and I haven't had that feeling in pinball for a while. I think the reason for this is that the design team, as wanky as this sounds, has created a new experience in pinball. The light show is something you can see pictures and videos of. But they will NEVER be able to give you the same experience in real life. I played maybe 10 different songs and the experience and the mood the song sets is different on all. There is no copy and pasting going on. Regardless of the crazy light show. It is somehow not blinding. And I never lost track of the ball. The lite shot can be seen, displayed on the mini screen and Slash and crew always have call ours telling you what to go for anyway. The game shoots well. The shots are big and fat and not tight. This is not a brickfest. I wouldn't say the game is too easy though.....Game times are not too long and not too short. It does throw out 2 or 3 multiballs that just seem to start. These multiballs aren't super valuable and don't have more than 5 seconds of ball save. The art on the LE cab is just beautiful. If you missed out on the CE! Don't stress. IMO the LE is the best of the bunch (I haven't seen the CE or standard in person of course) Umm what else? The animations on the screen are next level. JJP are miles ahead of the competition but this just takes it that step further. I got into a mini wizard mode and it was a really fun mode where I controlled where the tank was aiming with the spinning disc. And then chose when to cash out each shot. Good risk/reward. But to be honest I didn't care too much about scores abns points because it was too fun to flip. Lastly.... I switched to a game of JJP pirates. As as much as I love that game... I felt like I was playing a much much much older machine. The games wasn't ALIVE like GnR. From all accounts the game has already sold extremely well. So many people are raving about it that it's a natural internet reaction for a portion of people to want to drag it out of the cloud where it's sitting. As always, pinball is personal, we all like machines for different reasons. Make up your own mind when playing it � But also... Make sure you have 15.5k before you do.
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