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  1. Thanks for all your efforts mate. It certainly is a massive job.
  2. Had my first play of Stern Mustang Pro. Old school style game. Not too cluttered playfield. Fair and reasonable score required for credit. Gives the player a chance. Metallica Pro, on the otherhand, very very difficult. One missed shot and ball is inevitably out of control and a big chance of draining. Credit score was only 10.5 Mil.
  3. Wild Fyre....followed by Stars and Meteor......and (EDIT) I'll chuck in Red Baron for old time sake.
  4. Ok, great, thanks mate. Will check out the photos. Never played a 1960's EM before so pretty excited. Have decided to play each game in Chronological order from 1940-1988 and then see how I feel about the modern games on the day. Still getting used to them but finally after 20 plays on each this month, got a score credit on The Addams Family and The Simpson....so things are looking up :blink: But starting to see why people like the modern games. Lots to shoot for, Good game time but hard to get a credit. Need sharp reflexes though.
  5. On the games list http://www.pinballexpo.com.au/games-list/ there is a machine called "Jokers" listed under 1970's Electro Mechanical Bally Low Production Games. The link to this game for ipdp is dead. Does anybody know what game this might be?
  6. If only girls in bars saw past the group of AFL players staring into their mobile phones :sleep [video=youtube;pq-yP7mb8UE]
  7. Here's one from Spain on Recel that caught my eye. A 1980 Widebody called "The Flipper Game". Once again, being European, this game won't be easy to find and it may be difficult to service although from what I've been told not as difficult as Playmatic games. I remember quite a lot of Recel EM games in Perth in the 1970's. Not bad games by any means. Space Race, Lady Luck, Poker Plus and Icarus swallowed a lot of my 20c pieces. Would be better to see a longer video with a better player but Gracias Senor for the rare snippet anyway.
  8. Yeah, can't wait. Tickets to the event paid for. El Cheapo air return looking good for around $450. Next step to make a reservation at Chifley. Any last minute machine inclusions to the awesome list so far?
  9. Well, I'll keep filling out the blanks at the top of the thread. I'm not expecting to fill in that many but you never know. Filled in the remaining Hankin, plus a few Atari and Stern games that people said they played on this thread or in the case of Atari are at Pinball Expo.
  10. Yeah, I guess a lot of these European machines might only be seen in working properly in their home countries now.
  11. Yeah, Australia was right onto the Stern machines from day one it seems. I might try and look into the distribution process at the time. I guess these guys were running a business and weren't that confident about bringing in games from lesser known companies. It's a shame really because some of the games look fantastic. Hopefully by the end of this thread I can find out which games did indeed make it to our shores even if it was only one machine. Sega Monte Rosa (1978) - - - Updated - - - Yes, I usually didn't give them a second look either. The Bally and Stern games were like magnets to me. But I regret that now. Still, how was a 13 year old kid meant to walk past a Future Spa or Paragon? Impossible! But don't you reckon some of the lesser profile company SS games look good now in hindsight? - - - Updated - - - I found some good footage of Gameplan Sharpshooter. I think once people see it, they will remember playing it. [video=youtube;b-2z439IeqM]
  12. Just leaving aside Williams, Bally and Gottlieb for this thread. I've become very interested in solid state game from the 1970's that were made by companies other than those big three. The trouble is that in Perth I didn't see many and it is a source of great regret because as time goes by the chances of playing them will diminish. Did you play any of these? I've listed the SS 1970's games that I know of and recorded those I've played in bold. Other machines seen by others in red. Allied Leisure: Dyn O Mite, TNT, Boogie, Thunderbolt, Hoe Down, Roy Clark Super Picker Atari: The Atarians, Airborne Avenger, Time 2000, Middle Earth, Space Riders, Hercules, Road Runner, Superman Gameplan: Sharpshooter, Old Coney Island Hankin: FJ, Howzat, Orbit 1 Inder: Hot & Cold, Centaur, Topaz Interflip: Alaska Nordamatic: Antares Playmatic: Space Gambler, Big Town, Chance, Last Lap, Party, Antar Recel: Crazy Race, Criterium 75, Fair Fight, Mr Evil, Poker Plus, Torneo, Cavalier, D Quijote, Mr Doom, Swash Buckler Sega: Rodeo, Temptation, Big Together, Nostalgia, Southpaw, Woman-Lib, Sky Lover, Mikoshi, Millionaire, Space Shuttle, Big Kick, Miss Nessie, Knockout Blow, Monte Rosa, Cha-Cha-Cha, Adventure Sonic: Night Fever, Storm Stern: Pinball, Stingray, Stars, Memory Lane, Lectronamo, Wild Fyre, Nugent, Dracula, Trident, Hot Hand, Cosmic Princess, Magic, Meteor Staal Society: Ben Hur, Gun Men Taito do Brasil: Drakor, Hot Ball, Football Zaccaria: Winter Sports, House Of Diamonds, Strike, Future World, Ski Jump, Shooting The Rapids, Hot Wheels, Space City
  13. Thanks for the info fellas. Much appreciated. I wonder why Stern didn't have a US version of this game. Looks nice enough in the photos I've seen and surely would have sold just as well as their others of that period.
  14. Cool! Yeah Stars is a great game. Can't remember ever playing Stingray or "Pinball". Don't think I ever saw Stampede/Rawhide either. I remember playing Red Baron, Sound Stage, Disco, Memory Lane and Hollywood though. I remember Wild Fyre was very popular in Perth. Had to queue up for a game on that sometimes. Same with Stars. - - - Updated - - - Which reminds me. Rod, what is the story with Cosmic Princess. Said to be made for Stern in Australia in 1979 - only 336 produced? I can't remember seeing one but maybe I did.
  15. I'm glad I'm not the only one who likes them. I always had this feeling that whoever did the art/graphics/fonts on chicago coin games might have had a penchant for straightening paintings on walls such was the neat and tidy look of the backglass designs. Wonderful designs in my eyes. - - - Updated - - - Interesting. I wonder if he would be interested in getting the machine back up and running and in the public domain? Games of this era just aren't seen in shops anymore. Imagine this sitting alongside MM, TAF, The Simpsons and ACDC at Game City. - - - Updated - - - So nice
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