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  1. Sorry don't have those. I will have a closer look as I never got a request for them.
  2. Sorry I normally hang out on a different forum. Certainly covered the 30 days but short on the 30 posts. Apologies did not even think about the forum policies. Looking forward to contributing more.
  3. Yes I have them in BA9s (bayonet/#44) or T10 (wedge/#555) in single 5050 or quads. White or colour. Double wire hard PVC base for durability and good electrical contact. Sold over 10,000 of them - not a single complaint or return. I love pinballs and use them in my machines myself. Or do you mean the strip based ones for under cabinet lighting? White single 5050 (wedge or bayonet) $57.50/100 plus freight or Brisbane pick up.
  4. Aussi pinball led source Hello Guys I am expecting a big shipment of top quality pinball leds this week. Why not have a look what an Australian supplier can offer at a guaranteed much lower price? PM me what you are after. I specialize on the new generation twin leds with serrated cup. They are THE BEST above playfield lamp on the market but I do most of the other styles as well. Cheers Babak Bright Lights Pinball LEDs
  5. Thanks I have seen the commercial decals but $43 for a couple of small stickers is a bit steep. Trying to make some DIY ones.
  6. Does anybody have the target decal art on file? I need to print some for my machine. Thanks
  7. Also had a couple of plays at the Pinfest and I really liked it. Solid fun game and everything worked properly but it did show its age.
  8. Got that score early during ownership. Since then never got close to it again. 3 ball default settings Brisbane.
  9. Not quite no. 1 master magician but still proud to come in at no.2 with 2,579,320,320. 3 ball factory default settings. Brisbane.
  10. Hello I'm new to the forum. Sounds like a great night. Is it ok if I come? Cheers Babak
  11. Thanks all. Wow so many Brisbane members.
  12. Hello Dave I am in Alderley. I am going to go to Timezone on the Tue. 30th for the Pinball club gathering. But the weekend before I am going to the pinfest in Cavers Beach. Any of you guys going? - - - Updated - - - I am glad you liked them. Looking forward having a game one time.
  13. I have a small collection of pins and I am looking forward getting more involved with other players. While I do not mind working on them my real passion is playing them! Cheers Babak
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