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  1. After the sale and restructure of Rottendog we are proud to announce that Pinball Haus has been appointed exclusive Australian and New Zealand distributor for Rottendog boards.

    We have received our first shipment of boards and over the next couple of weeks more boards will be added to the web pages. Please contact me for any boards you don't see in stock (if you see no price the board is not in stock yet) and we will try to add them as soon as possible.




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  2. New arrival -

    4-Way Power Splitter Board For Stern Spike and Spike 2

    This board allows you to connect multiple mods with ease.

    This 4-way splitter board comes with a magnetic base that allows for an easy no tools installation to the inside of the metal back box . Includes a wiring harness that plugs into the 12v supply on most SPIKE & SPIKE 2.


    Suitable for following games:


    Aerosmith Pro/Premium/LE

    Avengers Infinity Quest

    Batman 66 Premium/LE/SLE

    The Beatles Gold/Platinum/Diamond

    Black Knight: Sword of Rage Pro/Premium/LE

    Deadpool Pro/Premium/LE

    Elvira's House Of Horrors Premium/LE/Signature

    Game of Thrones Pro/Premium/LE

    Guardians Of The Galaxy Pro/Premium/LE

    Ghostbusters Pro/Premium/LE

    Iron Maiden Pro/Premium/LE

    Jurassic Park Pro/Premium/LE (Stern)

    Star Wars Pro/Premium/LE

    Stranger Things Pro/Premium/LE

    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Pro/Premium/LE


    The Munsters Pro/Premium/LE



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  3. If it is not market TITAN it's not a TITAN competition band. Not all silicon bands are the same!

    Be aware that there are some cheap Chinese copies being offered to unsuspecting customers.


    TITAN COMPETITION BANDS - The one and only! Manufacturing the highest quality pinball rubbers in the world.

    - fully torture tested outlasting any other brand

    - perfect finish

    - perfect colours

    - perfect bounce

    - the preferred band of international competition players

    - each band Titan marked to protect you from cheap copies!

    Available in Australia and New Zealand from Pinball Haus.


  4. Some of the greatest restorations I have seen were done by non professionals. A commercial restorer does not have the time for what some home restorers are willing to do.

    At the same time what some professionals and amateurs call a restoration is often no more than a bling job. To simply wash and wax a car is not the same as restoring it.

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