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  1. https://pinballhaus.com/
  2. Be aware pinballbasement uses surface mounted transistors and components!
  3. After the sale and restructure of Rottendog we are proud to announce that Pinball Haus has been appointed exclusive Australian and New Zealand distributor for Rottendog boards. We have received our first shipment of boards and over the next couple of weeks more boards will be added to the web pages. Please contact me for any boards you don't see in stock (if you see no price the board is not in stock yet) and we will try to add them as soon as possible. https://pinballhaus.com/.../pinball-boards/rottendog-boards/
  4. 1 x used mini boat playfield $50 probably needs new "hold bonus" decal or cover with mylar. Picture 2 1 x New mini boat playfield $315 (Picture 1 and 3) 1 x new plastic set left and right of the boat $40
  5. After a long long search I found a start button in 6V power. Perfect for this game! I have one spare one $25.
  6. Does any body know a John Baxter with a Gilligan's Island pin in the Umina Beach area of NSW?
  7. New Fishtales mini playfield. $335
  8. Beautiful shooter housings.
  9. This is an illuminated bass I made for my Fishtales. Added a fishing lure with a line to the fishing rod.
  10. A small batch of engraved LOTR shooter housings and Twilight zone shooter housings have arrived. These are hand made and a very unique mod for your machine. $235 EA.
  11. Did a tail light mod for the cars in my CFTBL.
  12. New precision laser cut DMD screens for WPC-95 or Stern. With so many upgrading to colour dmd or pin2dmd changing your old scratched or red perspex screen is a must. AA price $20 ea.
  13. New arrival - 4-Way Power Splitter Board For Stern Spike and Spike 2 This board allows you to connect multiple mods with ease. This 4-way splitter board comes with a magnetic base that allows for an easy no tools installation to the inside of the metal back box . Includes a wiring harness that plugs into the 12v supply on most SPIKE & SPIKE 2. Suitable for following games: Aerosmith Pro/Premium/LE Avengers Infinity Quest Batman 66 Premium/LE/SLE The Beatles Gold/Platinum/Diamond Black Knight: Sword of Rage Pro/Premium/LE Deadpool Pro/Premium/LE Elvira's House Of Horrors Premium/LE/Signature Game of Thrones Pro/Premium/LE Guardians Of The Galaxy Pro/Premium/LE Ghostbusters Pro/Premium/LE Iron Maiden Pro/Premium/LE Jurassic Park Pro/Premium/LE (Stern) Star Wars Pro/Premium/LE Stranger Things Pro/Premium/LE Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Pro/Premium/LE Pro/Premium/LE The Munsters Pro/Premium/LE
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