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  1. As I write this, 17 ppl have never achieved Lost In The Zone (LITZ) :p
  2. I've got 2 in my office, 3 feet away from me... if working from home counts.
  3. Sorry if this is OT, but I remember playing pinball out on location with an old friend whom I haven't seen in years. HE was (and I'm sure still is) a very good player. This day we walked up to a machine (I think it was LOTR) and I went to put in $2 for 3 games (when it was $1 for 1). As he saw me going to place the $2 in, he slapped my hand away and said something along the lines of "wth are you doing? Don't waste your $2. You only need $1. The replays are easy on this atm so $1 should last at least 1 hour. 4 hrs later he was still on his initial $1 :lol
  4. Used this place to dechrome some guitar parts, but ovbiously they chrome also: Chromer / dechromer 03 9466 2700 26 Mercedes dr Thomastown Then went over to this place for powder coating (for those needing pd also): Hilustre coatings 03 9462 1066 55-57 Lipton st Thomastown FYI if you need something powder coated that is already chromed, you have to get it dechromed first (is what I was told by the powder coater above).
  5. So this turns the pinball pro speakers into 2.1 stereo? Is it a massive difference? Cause I'm not happy with my pinball pro sound in my TZ the way I am in my DW. DW sounds great, TZ sounds meh.
  6. ... And I just noticed you thumbed them both up lol. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Has been mentioned twice. Thrice if we include you. ;)
  8. Standard: My original DW moving Dalek topper. After Market: my custom TZ topper: http://www.aussiearcade.com/showthread.php/68675-My-(as-far-as-I-know)-One-of-a-kind-TZ-Topper?highlight=
  9. For my own personal anectode, I've physically owned 4 pins in my life and while I take my time and use my flippers as drumsticks when putting up my name in TZ, I must say Black Knight 2000 always makes me stop and play air drums when scrolling through my pin collection in Pinball Arcade on my PS3. While I obviously haven't heard EVERY pinball theme out there, I can't help but pondering, surely there's no other pinball that makes you stop and just listen like Black Knight 2000 does (not counting the musical pins like Metallica, KISS, ACDC etc)?? Black Knight 2000 is hypnotic.
  10. Melbourne Pinball Finder/Map: https://melbournepinballfinder.wordpress.com/map/ https://www.google.com/maps/d/viewer?mid=zygKMNmuS1MM.kDvAqVvD8SvY - Brunswick Bowls club (as mentioned) - Funzone Shepparton (bit of a drive from Melbourne)
  11. It was terrible. It happened so fast that all I could think was, is that a pin? hmm white pin??, was that in the back of a ute? (look in the mirror). Blue translite? backbox up? Was that a wedge head? Don't they fold down? Shoot, looks like it's gonna pour and it's not covered. Shoot, was it even strapped in?? All that went through my head in like 5 seconds. But I've been invloved in worse. Years ago I helped a friend pick up his GNR & IJ from his ex wifes. He hired a 1 tonne truck with lifter but didn't bother bringing rope or straps. We get there, pick up the 2 pins, load them in the truck (there was nothing else in the truck. It was empty bar the 2 pins) and drive off. What about ropes? I ask. No need, he says. We then drive 20 ks home doing 100 on the freeway and nothing happened. Heard a few noises on the way, but nothing happened to the pins. He didn't even put the back boxes down and left the translites in. I shat myself all the way home. He was as cool as a cucumber.
  12. Was heading home from work in Epping today when from the corner of my eye, I see going the opposite way, on the Hume Freeway at around 5pm, a 'white' pin on a trailer. It/You would have been approaching the Cooper St exit when I saw it. I was going the opposite way and overtaking doing 100 so didn't get a good look. When I looked in my rear view mirror, all I saw was a 'little' white pin with a 'blue' translite :unsure:. It looked like a late 70's or early 80's pin (are they wedge heads?? Does the back box not fold down on those cause this back box was still upright?). Was it anyone from here??
  13. Question for TZ owners. If you lock 2 balls and your game ends before you get multiball, do the 2 balls stay locked (therefore leaving 1 ball in the trough for the start of the next game) or do they drain at the end like 2 locked balls do in the time expander at the end of a Dr Who game? Mine stay locked. Is this normal?
  14. Whoa guys, relax. It just came up in conversation and we were just wondering. Yes we're in Vic and so is he apparently that's why he came up in conversation. Wasn't singling him out or anything, just thought asking here would get the quickest answer as my mate was visiting and we don't see each other that often, busy lives and all that. If I've started something, it wasn't intentional and mods please close this thread.
  15. A friend and I were talking about the sellers of pinbal machines on ebay and how we notice the same sellers all the time (because they obviously sell pinballs for a living). He noticed that pinballsale67 hasn't put up a pin for a while and was wondering why. Does anyone know if he/she is still selling mahcines?
  16. I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and not call you a troll and just say that I run my own IT business and charge over $100/hr. I'm a one man band so have no employees. But I also pay my own super and have to buy my own equipment/software and pay for all my overheads involved in running my business. The hourly rates you quote are for salaries. They're working for someone else. I wouldn't be getting close to what I charge an hour if I did the same thing but working for someone else and getting a salary.
  17. I see your point but I think there's cheesy and then there's annoying. Eg Class of 1812 is cheesy but funny and IMO is not annoying. But IMO AMH will get annoying real quick. I hope I'm wrong 'cause it looks like it will be fun.
  18. My 2c: Looks like a fun game, but the voices they use sound very unprofessional and would get on my nerves big time. The male callouts sound like the same guy trying different voices but sounding the same each time (but thinking he pulled it off). They should hire professional voice actors to do the call outs.
  19. If that's the case, I know a certain someone who might have a DW and TZ for sale soon... :p :035: :UFO6:
  20. That would be nice but that's beyond my scope and Phil has already lost some hair over my TZ overall, not just this mod. I'll have a chat with him. Thanks all for the kind words. It was really amazing how it all fell in place once I thought of doing it.
  21. Just wanted to share pics of my TZ topper I made from a UFO kit and led strip. As far as I can tell, it's a one-of-a-kind :) I was looking at all the toppers out there and came across a few i didn't mind (Pinball Pro Pyramid, The 'Etched' one Spacies was selling at one stage, This one from a guy in Spain), but they were all too expensive. So I had a look on my translite to see what I could come up with and noticed the UFO in the bottom corner: How more sci fi can you get than a UFO, so I jumped online to see if I could find a UFO that 'looked' similar. After doing some research, I found out that that ufo in the translite was the UFO from the 50's show Forbidden Planet and that they re-used it in multiple TZ episodes: Here's a wiki page on it: C-57D. So I thought, hmmm, what are the chances I could find a 'largish version' of this C-57D star ship??? Lo and behold, there's a guy not far from me, on ebay selling 12" model kit's of it for $55 + shipping!! So I ordered one. Then I thought, but how am I going to mount it? As I thought this, I dropped a pen under my desk and as it's dark under there, I opened my desk draw to get my torch. As I opened my desk draw, I saw on old spring which I had placed there a few years ago. The spring was a spring I modded out of my brake pedal of my Logitech G25 steering wheel and threw it in my draw thinking I may need it some day!!! Without having received the kit yet, I thought of different ways I could attach the spring to the ufo once made, but when I received the thing, I couldn't believe my eyes. If I drilled a whole in the bottom of the ufo, there is a part of the ufo that sticks out which just happened to be the same diameter (1mm smaller) as the spring so the spring fit around it snuggly. I could not believe my luck!!: To attach the spring to the TZ I used an old backglass lock plate (also added an old led light strip): So here's my one-of-a-kind TZ topper. Hope you like it:unsure: Here's a vid of it wobbling: [video=youtube_share;E-4PGmX7lHw]http://youtu.be/E-4PGmX7lHw PS, Big thanks to my mate Phil that helped throughout this process (especially with the lighting)
  22. Is it too late to add me to the list for Rainbow version? 1 x please if I can.
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