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  1. Simple! He said "I'll pick up now". So... reply with "ok, come now with cash before the other guy!!" You'll get $8000 cash, he'll get the machine. When the other guy rocks up, say sorry and explain the situation and give him $1000 cash (remember you were happy for just the $2800) for his troubles (he's not gonna argue with an $8000 counter-offer) and everyone's happy... and you're left with $7000 cash :unsure. If he squirms his way out of that... then....:098:
  2. Updated version with voices over dubbed. [video=youtube;THNdHi-KwTk]
  3. That's not too much for a hat with that much intricate artwork
  4. Are you talking about these stair trolleys?: https://www.bunnings.com.au/for-hire-refrigerator-stair-trolley-4hr_p5470250 If so they're $11 to hire for 4 hours. I've never seen anyone use one to get a pinball down stairs but I don't get out much so don't go by what I say. Someone else will confirm whether this is what you need or not.
  5. What was the reaction when you told them prices?
  6. Vale Maradona. In my view Greatest player of all time*. Growing up as a keeper I also despised him ;) Number 2: my favorite (if you can get it through that gap... you are a legend.) Number 4: Hand of God Number 5: Greatest Goal in World Cup History Number 5 happened in the same match but 4 minutes after the 'hand of god' incident. FIFA declared No.5 'The greatest goal in World Cup History!'. [video=youtube;IwyGQej-y5s] * Pele was before my time but Maradona was during 'my time' so I class him number 1 over Pele.
  7. Is this classed as a homebrew? His machine looks like it's going to be a small toy-like version, but he's certainly got the chops to do it. And he's NOT going to use any existing pinball parts. He's going to make everything from scratch.
  8. I'll have to put holes in the back of mine and wear it in reverse. I did nothing but mostly eat during our lockdown :lol
  9. For all the Italo-Australian gamers on here... :lol
  10. Did it work because you have 2 or more eligible services, or were you able to order without that caveat?
  11. Headis looked like fun when I first found and mentioned it in another post... ...but this is frikin ridiculous! What were they* thinking? * Whoever invented this monstrosity
  12. But only if you're already a Vod customer https://www.vodafone.com.au/media/vodafone-partners-with-playstation-in-australia
  13. When pinball companies send pinballs overseas via shipping crates, why don't they take a bit of extra effort and pack them like this before putting them in a cardboard box? Then strap the box to a crate. How much more would it cost for a $10,000+ item when you know they're going to be stacked 8 high? $50? $100? Disclaimer: I know nothing about shipping pinballs overseas. I only ask this because I saw a vid of a Ducati getting sent to Malaysia and this's how Ducati sent it.
  14. Original (and remixed) Elevator Action... so both :huh:
  15. Yep, sounds like 'Number of the Beast' Iron Maiden vs 'Derek Riggs' Iron Maiden all over again :D
  16. Tru dat. Now he's gone from whitepages too:
  17. Technically pinball2000 was the last Williams made
  18. What are the selling prices though? :cool: Show us those then we can ErmahGerd!
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