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  1. Thanks for the invite Grunta. I'm a tentative yes. I'll confirm closer to the date (and hope there are spots left).
  2. An option for if you don't have room for an arcade cab
  3. Is 'Coming to America 2' the same as ATM machine? Or PIN Number? :p
  4. Noice! Looks more like a Lotus Esprit or De Tomaso Pantera now though.
  5. "This is a very important spot for Australian cinema history. This is the place where we are introduced to Ma... ha.. Max. He's not Mad yet... he's just Max." :lol One thing I like to 'brag' to people about, when Mad Max comes up in conversation, is that the interceptor was built up the road from where I live. Literally a 2 minute walk. :unsure
  6. To fully understand some of the complexities in the modern world, one needs a combination of critical thinking, broad background knowledge, some specific knowledge, and much reading of reputable sources — which includes being able to recognise a reputable source. - Dr Karl Kruszelnicki (source: https://www.abc.net.au/news/science/2019-08-28/is-5g-safe-dr-karl-radiation-explainer/11416070)
  7. +1. I have mine running via PS4/(eventually)5 with over 100 tables (12 are VR - in Pinball FX2 VR - the rest can be played in Cinema mode - in Pinball FX 3) and no need to tweak settings like you have to in Virtual Pin setups using mame.
  8. I've still got some credit in the gift card you got me.
  9. Just an FYI to all of you responding to Razor. I stopped responding when he admitted to me in another thread that he's posting while drunk, so you're all arguing with a drunk person :lol
  10. Every pin I've ever sold on... and that includes Shaq Attaq!! :D
  11. I'm not sure I understood what you just said. Are you drunk when you post? Are you saying Elon is trolling everyone with hyperloop and starship??? Is it such a big troll that he got the CEO of space x Gwynne Shotwell to troll everyone in this ted talk too? Thunderf00t, in his latest vid (I doubt you watched any of the video's I mentioned), debunks everything she says using numbers to show what they're planning is not feasible. Again, are you saying she's trolling this TED audience????
  12. Elon's ok when it comes to Tesla cars and Space X but when it comes to Hyperloop and Starship, he's got his head in the clouds. If you want a thorough debunking of Hyperloop and Starship, head to Thunderf00t's youtube channel and watch all his 'busted' videos on Elon.
  13. https://www.aussiearcade.com/forum/pinball/new-pinball-discussion/103006-new-guns-n-roses-pinball-coming-announces-slash/page48#post2186727
  14. Edit: In previous comment, I missed the combustion engine part. I was referring to hydrogen fuel cells. So <cough> Sorry <cough> Phil <cough> :p:p:p
  15. From this I gather if you win you'll be one of the people that won't bother driving an IC car? If so, then I don't think you thought your prize through. ;)
  16. Physically (with your eyes and hands, not the display) check that switch 51 Gumball Popper Lane (under the playfield) (see pages 2-50 & 2-51 of manual) hasn't come loose. Mine did the same thing and it was this that had loosened itself and fell off, so the ball would not roll over it and therefore not activate the roll over switch. This then made the game think it was constantly in pb mode. :unsure
  17. You just called yourself a dumb arse!!
  18. The die hard fans don't care about pinball. They want live stuff released from the vault ;) [video=youtube;4ykieu-C0U8]
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