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  1. A board has been found and thankyou very much Edy.
  2. Hi fellow pinheads. What are the chances somebody has a System 9 MPU board stashed away, or knows of someone who has one that they are willing to sell? If I can't find one of those, a System 11 can work too. Let me know whats out there please? Thankyou, Wazza.🙏
  3. Thats a hard find here in Aus
  4. I'm surprised that these weren't jumped on? I would grab at least two if you were in Sydney.:)
  5. I heard they didn't make to many of those. I played one in George st Sydney when it was new and is a better machine to own, over the very large cockpit.
  6. You might think twice about that one if you had a 100+ turning up to your front door, staying over for three days and to have 100 pinball machines working? Why do you bother whinging, you can't compare yourself and nobody wants to hear you anyway? :unsure:unsure:unsure:realmad::p
  7. Yeah, sorry Jeff, I didn't read it properly. I can't remember if I paid for the last one that was cancelled either? If it's too hard to trace back, I'll pay again anyway. I'm happy both ways, because I just want to be there. Yeah.
  8. Did you buy that one in Manlyvale Sydney? It looked good, but too dear
  9. I had a good night back with all the guys again, but there was issue???? It was bloody cold and we had nothing to get warm around Andrew???:cry :D
  10. Warwick Pearce for 1 please. Thanks. RIP Yee. I will also be asking for a camp site too please? No driving in my alcoholic known future condition while there.:lol
  11. Me too please, but it has just come to my attention that there is another important engagement that I need to attend on that night, so sorry, I can only make the three afterwards Andrew.:cry .:p
  12. Bad timing, I only just two a year ago here in Sydney.
  13. Thankyou for that and I would assume to use the silver one. Much appreciated, Warwick.
  14. Hi guys and gals. I was thinking of painting the coin door and legs on my early stern and was wondering if I could get a lead on the best paint and colour? Aerosol preferrable for ease. I was thinking hammer tone, but don't know for sure? Thankyou.:D
  15. Send s as PM maybe, the seller hasn’t responded to let anyone know either way
  16. Happy that it’s selling. Then I can relax.😆
  17. The bottom has been replaced, but looks like the resess is missing? Is that right?
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