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  1. I know that with the serial number, I was asking about the second picture? The serial number picture was just for reference.
  2. I have a brand new screen surround for the atari super sprint still in the packaging it came in and the operators manual in near new condition as well as the schematic package supplement with only slight staining, but still very very good. Th ebooks allow you to know parts numbers and gives the breakdown of things to know what your dealing with. Let me know if you need more info. I don't have anything else for the machine, sorry. Pickup is at Doonside Sydney and is cash, or bank deposit only. Thanks, Wazza. $150.
  3. Thanks Pete for getting back. I was sought of hoping some sort of sample game. Ha. 👍
  4. Hi, I'm selling my lowboy I bought a few years back, only because it had Asteroids on it. Love that game, but I am downsizing everything and this is going. It works perfectly and the cab is very clean and solid. It has a LCD screen in it and runs on a computer tower and another box which someone said could be Pandora?, so use the photos and see what it is. I don't know anything about arcades, apart from playing them. Ha. The joysticks and buttons are great and it has switches set up on the entrance of the chutes, so maybe you could site it. Has the original wheels on the back for easy moving and it has great sound. Happy to take more photos and answer questions for you. Pick up is Doonside Sydney and cash, or bank deposit only. Thanks. Wazza. $750 😃
  5. Hi guys. I just bought a Mata Hari that looks like a US import and while I was putting it together, I noticed on the left side of the cab at the rear up near the siderail, a code stamped into the body. It's not the serial number which is at the front of the cab. I would be interested in anyones thoughts on what it might be? My only thoughts so far, is that it was an operator, or something from the factory that I haven't heard about before. It says SS 67, and is about the same size text as the serial number. Thanks, Wazza.
  6. Hi guys. I bought this cab off Leo, Dragonlee a bit over two months ago and have decided to go more back to cars and selling off things. It is as Leo sold it and working perfectly. It has a 19 in 1 board that is set up with just 7 Williams games, but can be re adjusted for all of them. It has a LCD screen in it and Leo said it was an original Stargate Cabinet. The control panel is just what you need to play these games, as usually on the normal all in ones you can't properly. You can look at the old add in Arcades for sale around 17/2/22. I paid Leo $90 to put on the side decals on, so only asking for the same money back. $930. Pick up is Doonside Sydney and is cash only, or bank deposit. Thanks.
  7. A board has been found and thankyou very much Edy.
  8. Hi fellow pinheads. What are the chances somebody has a System 9 MPU board stashed away, or knows of someone who has one that they are willing to sell? If I can't find one of those, a System 11 can work too. Let me know whats out there please? Thankyou, Wazza.🙏
  9. I'm surprised that these weren't jumped on? I would grab at least two if you were in Sydney.:)
  10. I heard they didn't make to many of those. I played one in George st Sydney when it was new and is a better machine to own, over the very large cockpit.
  11. You might think twice about that one if you had a 100+ turning up to your front door, staying over for three days and to have 100 pinball machines working? Why do you bother whinging, you can't compare yourself and nobody wants to hear you anyway? :unsure:unsure:unsure:realmad::p
  12. Yeah, sorry Jeff, I didn't read it properly. I can't remember if I paid for the last one that was cancelled either? If it's too hard to trace back, I'll pay again anyway. I'm happy both ways, because I just want to be there. Yeah.
  13. Did you buy that one in Manlyvale Sydney? It looked good, but too dear
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