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  1. Hi everyone, I would like to purchase a Williams Blackout if anyone has one available for sale that would be great. Regards Budgie
  2. Anyone in Victoria who would like a pop bumper mod sent to them please PM your delivery details and I will post out to you. @radirgyman will post yours tomorrow. PS the game is outstanding. My only issue's so far touchwood, has been 2 stuck switches which were not aligned properly and both spotlights have been faulty (which Paul has rectified).
  3. That's awesome mate Thank you very much will PM you now.
  4. Hello fellow GNR owners I reckon this is a must have mod for the game as I am sure some of you fellow owners are having the same hangup in the pop bumper area. Maybe someone in the group with a 3D printer could print up a few of these mods for us fellow owners. Obviously am happy to pay for the mod. On a side note I was able to make a left outlane ball deflector flap out of a piece of plastic from an apple juice container and it works great and as intended. lol.
  5. Happy Birthday Alison, hope you had a lovely day.
  6. Hi Guy's, I need help to print a rubber post mod for where the ball lodges and sticks beside the post and right bottom pop bumper on my JJP Guns n Roses. I don't own or have access to a 3D printer so am hoping someone on here might have one and be able to print me the part please. I have attached the file below which I got from the JJP owners club on pinside. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Ball+Saver+on+the+Bumper+from+Guns+and+Roses+JJP+Pinball.zip
  7. Not many of these beauties around.
  8. Rolling Stones LE 138,356,350 3 Ball Tournament mode, no extra balls Completed Encore succesfully
  9. I am able to sign in but it says Aussie Arcade unavailable with an option to sign out, therefore I presume I am signed in
  10. This is the screen shot of what is happening
  11. Yesterday I could not sign and I had to log onto invision ? When I attempted to it wouldn’t accept my password
  12. @1.21 Gigawatts yes mate for time bandit old game which I bought off him
  13. I believe it’s the newer one
  14. Star Trek Premium is no longer at Brick Lane Brewery
  15. (FOUND) Thanks @Allsportdvd I am wanting a DMD to replace a faulty one in my Ironman vault machine please. Used is fine. any help appreciated.
  16. Nice if you decide to post I would take one
  17. If you’re patient you will save yourself some money. Otherwise you can pay a premium price and have straight away. That’s basically the difference.
  18. Any photos of your last project? im sure there’s plenty of interest
  19. @thegrunta666 This sounds awesome I would love to come, what about you grunta rideshare possibility ?
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