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  1. Would love to know if there have been any of these issues on Aus delivered GNR machines. I have been asked about these and wasn’t aware they existed till I did a google search. The few people I have spoke to haven’t had any major issues and are all playing well.🤷�♂�
  2. Probably because no one knows. I have no idea on brand of rubbers, I like to change them out to titan style rubbers anyway. Not such a big deal:unsure
  3. Would have to agree, amazing game. Keeps me coming back, plays well, great shots, sound track, lights, etc etc. haven’t posted much about game, probably more so with respect for those that are waiting. Could imagine this is starting to get real frustrating. Paul has been awesome and we have had minimal issues since delivery. Agree rubbers are average, have replaced a few and have also had to replace an opto set. Spoke to Paul about it and had a new one here, express post in no time. Hope the next shipment arrives shortly and feel that those waiting will not be disappointed once unboxed and playing.
  4. Looks good Rob, not surprised as the sound is already pretty awesome, any pics of the mirror blades?
  5. Thanks for posting, still trying to get my head around it. Quite a complex game, might take a while to work out.
  6. Exactly what I was thinking, may need a little tweak on the lower pop. Cheers🤙�
  7. Anyone else experiencing hookups near the lower pop bumper? Thinking it may just need a little adjustment to make it a more sensitive.
  8. Couple of small issues on ours, broken rubber(upper play field)after 4 games, one of the spotlight covers at back of playfield has a broken tab(fell down onto playfield) and looks like a crook opto switch at Switch 75(drain hole upper playfield) all seem to be in similar location on machine. Back glass was also installed backwards on delivery. All in all very minor issues and is an amazing game. Service was great, Paul and Bill have been awesome to deal with.
  9. Definitely no COA Rob, cracking game though.
  10. Don’t recall seeing one Rob, did get a numbered plaque in a bag. Will check again when I get home.
  11. Bill is planning on being back in Brisbane on Saturday all things going well. Have delivery planned for Saturday afternoon or Sunday morning to Northside Brisbane. 🤞
  12. Hi Travis, thanks for all the work behind the scenes, been a while since I’ve posted. Will have to spend some time on the new one, first impression is it looks a little different. Let you know how we go, thanks again and appreciate all the hard work, Merry Xmas CheersTrav:114:
  13. Thanks for posting JP We had only spoke a couple of times quite some time ago. Really nice guy. Please pass on our Condolences to the family. Cancer sucks, life’s short, be kind.
  14. @KJS https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/wanneroo/collectables/pinball-the-getaway-good-working-condition-/1215492358
  15. Hey Scott, had a similar issue. Was the fuse, located just below the power cable but above the switch on the outside of the cab. Cheers Trav - - - Updated - - - @Savage
  16. Hey @tas_tig3r Have you tried @Bet7676 ?
  17. Just an update on a recent experience Bris-Sydney with Mark from "Need a Courier" Mark had great communication, turned up on time and also called about 1 HR before pick up to let me know he was on his way, he had trolleys required and was very helpful. The machine was transported on legs with headbox down, pads between machine and headbox, and ample pads to transport safely, by all reports the machine has turned up in great condition and the buyer was happy with the machine on delivery. I am unsure on costs as this was organised by the purchaser but thought it would be benificial to sellers to hear this feedback. I have no affiliation with Mark and have only met the guy this once for a short time but my sentiment after this experience would be Transport with Confidence. Cheers Trav
  18. When the hard decision is made to down size your collection, meeting some great members makes it a little easier when your machines drive off into the sunset
  19. Bumping this up again, thanks for an awesome site with great members.
  20. Thanks for all the intresest, TZ is now sold. Cheers Trav
  21. Thanks for all the interest, both TOM and HS2 are now sold and on their way to new homes. Thanks to all the great members on AA that make pinball so enjoyable. Cheers Trav
  22. Hey @Brad, just checked and they are a cool white unfortunately.
  23. At this stage TOM is on hold, awaiting inspection. HS2 is now sold. Cheers Trav
  24. Hey @Brad, let me check tonight, I should have a bag of 100 left over from my last order.
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