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  1. Got an email today that my LE gona set sail soon! Vessel: Maersk Inverness V. 130S. ETA: Melbourne, AU 3/9/2021
  2. They still have the spray putty, bought it last month:)
  3. Yep got it all working eventually, took some patience and mucking around on their website and in the forums on pinside. Upgraded speakers, so sound was all good. Ordered a few more boards a month ago, takes few months to get here
  4. After being told on purchase date I would recieve it early this year, according to the number I was given I'll be waiting a yr to get it :o
  5. Looks awesome! Will definitely add the black mirror blades. I got a set of B/W and stern so will see which one is the better fit.
  6. I'm the same, bought late October tho. First time NIB buyer, was told early next yr. Haven't emailed them or called. No updates about when my machine is coming, apart from the emails that were sent out to everyone about the delays and buying merch.
  7. ahh okay, yeah just gotta wait it out. Hopefully after the first container is all gone there'll be an update.
  8. I actually have no idea, haven't asked. Just a guesstimate. Hoping I'm in the 2nd!
  9. Haha yeah was shocked when first saw it, but after a week or so decided to pull the trigger.
  10. Received my skull shooter rod cover and action button surround created by Lior The art of pinball. Bought from Babak at pinball haus, They look amazing! Pricey, but Super high quality work. Get what you pay for. Now just need the second container to get on the water so I can install these suckers!
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