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  1. Hi Rob. Noticed the ad on gumtree is no longer there. Is the machine still available?
  2. Damn! Still saving up, won't be able to bite the bullet this time. They don't come up often, do they? This is my grail machine! One day...
  3. Nice photos, Nat!! Great to see some from Rod's place, too. Zed - I see VCP is now a registered club on australianpinballleague.com.au (http://www.australianpinballleague.com.au/#!vice-city-players/cze2). Is this a recent thing or did I just miss it before? Does this mean VCP is now a part of the IFPA? Alex
  4. Shane, this is an awesome lineup! Sounds like this will be a great meet. Unfortunately I start work next week and can't make the meet - bummer. Next time!
  5. The internet pinball serial number database is brilliant for tracking an individual machine's owners and history. Unfortunately it's voluntary and there aren't many registered Aussie pins on it. Shame - it's a great resource if you want to know about the history if your pin and where it was sited.
  6. Disappointing! It seems to be a common trend that most of the operators who run places with sited pins have no idea what they are and why they're a good thing. Then again some sited pins are older than the people who run them...
  7. Thank you again to Rod for hosting the meet - definitely setting the bar high for any meets from now into the future! The machines were beautiful and a real joy to play. This was the first time I even saw a lot of these machines! It's hard trying to play pins on site when they don't look or play half as good as they did last night. Thanks again to James for running the comp. Met some new faces but unfortunately missed some others because I was too enthralled in the games! Next time. Although I'll be in Sydney I'll definitely go for a VCP shirt. Don't know how it will go down if I ever turn up at the Coogee Diggers with it though, hah.
  8. Be aware that there is The Simpsons by Data East (1990) and The Simpsons Pinball Party by Stern (2003). The Data East machine is much cheaper if price is a big factor. Pinpedia is a good resource for price checking. http://www.pinpedia.com/machine/The-Simpsons/prices?c=au http://www.pinpedia.com/machine/Simpsons-Party/prices?c=au Unfortunately I haven't played them very much so can't advise you much on the fun factor.
  9. Unfortunately Rollerball is out, but I'll still be there with the gf in tow. Should be an amazing meet!
  10. Has it been confirmed that the machines will be in free play? I have heard of other conventions charging for games.
  11. ACT MEET! SAT June 7! Hi all. Bit of an update. I am in Sydney atm looking at some new places to live. I've already seen a few and should be done by the end of the week. So I should actually be back in Canberra on Friday. So Rod please change me to a yes. PS. Given I'm in Sydney I've sent Rollerball a PM to see if he wants a lift. So he may potentially be coming as well. PPS. I have actually been having a blast playing two player pins with the girlfriend lately and she's gotten really into it. Ashamed to say she's outdone me a couple of times! Anyway, I know we've got a bit of a boys club going but this might be the last meet I can attend in Canberra so she's keen to come along and see what it's all about. So I will bring her along too if I can get Rod's (and everyone else's) blessing! Alex
  12. I'm a huge console and PC gamer so have been looking for game themed pins too. Super Mario is the most obvious video game crossover but Rollercoaster Tycoon or Buck Hunter may be worth a look as well.
  13. I've noticed this too. But as a newbie I'm trying to start my collection with 90s and early 00s machines. Unfortunately these don't seem to go up for grabs nearly as much as the newer pins (2005 and onwards), with the exception of a couple of titles.
  14. Damn! I was looking forward to learning a bit more about pins. With any luck I will still be around when this gets rescheduled!
  15. Hi Rod. Thanks for volunteering to host - looks like an incredible lineup! I've had a great time at the last two meets at Milo's place. Unfortunately I've just landed a job in Sydney so I will be moving up there. I'm not sure yet when I'll be out of Canberra. So I will say maybe at this point. With any luck I'll be in Canberra on the 7th and will pop in. Alex
  16. Awesome work on the scorekeeping James. The results look great! Is there any way to see an overall rankings list? Huge thanks again to Milo for hosting. It really is appreciated! I had a great time with the tournament though I felt like Paragon treated me unusually well. For anyone interested PAPA have a great tutorial on it: http://papa.org/2012/12/03/paragon-tutorial-2/ May or may not be able to attend the next meet depending on personal circumstances but with any luck I will be there! Alex
  17. Hi Paul. Is this meet open to newbies? I'm moving to Sydney soon and looking for a new group of players.
  18. I had a great time at the last meet and will definitely be at this one. Thanks again Milo for offering to host!
  19. A huge thanks to Milo for setting up the meet. This was my first time attending a meet after getting into the hobby only a month or so ago. Thanks to everyone for being so welcoming. It was great to meet everyone and play some awesome pins which I had never had the chance to play before. There were a few faces which I didn't get the chance to say hi to - I will try to say hi at the next meet! Alex
  20. Hi all. Hope this is the right forum for this post. In doing my research for my first pin purchase I've come across CSI by Stern a couple of times. I'm interested in this machine but can only find 1 for sale thread with it on AA (and it's a few years old). How common are these machines in Australia? Thanks!
  21. As a new member maybe I can provide some input. The Aussie Pinball forum currently has a 20 post requirement for access to the trading section and I have just been granted access. I only got into the hobby a few weeks ago. Since then I've decided I want to buy my first pin (when finances will allow!). So after posting an introduction and checking out some other threads on AP, the trading section was where I wanted to go next. I needed 20 posts, but I only had a few. It took me a week or two to actually get to the 20 posts since I was trying to only contribute to recent threads, ask relevant questions and make relevant comments. Didn't want to spam +1s or other crap just to get my post count up - I wanted to actually contribute. A lot of members do spam useless crap to get their post count up - kind of defeats the purpose. The problem is, AA and AP are still very small online communities. Some forums go without posts for many months. This makes it hard to find threads to comment in. I don't want to bother posting in a thread which is 2 years old - what good will that do! But since I restricted myself to posting in relatively recent threads, it took me a lot longer to get to the trading section. I guess it's not that much of a problem since time is not a big issue for me. But most of my research focused on figuring out how much certain machines sold for and all of that info is in the trading section. So it can be a pain to have to make 20 posts just to be able to start doing the real research you want. Overall I would have to say the post requirement is limiting and sometimes frustrating because one of the coolest parts of the hobby is buying and finding machines. What the trading section has also taught me is that some machines sell QUICK. So sometimes if you see a machine you really want you just have to go for it if, regardless of if you have 1 post or 1000. I know when I buy my first pin I will play it for a while, ask heaps of questions, get a tour of under the playfield, all that stuff. I want to know as much about the machine as I can if I am about to buy it. So even though I only have a few posts I would like to think I am someone worth selling to. So I guess it's just a matter of what the individual buyer is like. Please don't discount us just because we might only have a few posts!
  22. I'm interested in coming but have only been into the hobby for a few weeks. So if newbies are allowed I will try and be there!
  23. Fantastic! Great suggestions - a couple I was already thinking about. Thanks!! Great thread, don't know how I missed it! Some great suggestions in there. Thanks also!
  24. Currently trying to compile a list. It's hard because I still haven't played so many! But I am not set on any in particular at the moment. Could you suggest 2 or 3 good beginner pins that usually sell for just under $3000?
  25. Good point! I figured the current resurgence also meant there was a boost in sited pin play as well. I dunno!
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