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  1. Did you have any luck with this? I'm after one too.
  2. Hi everyone I need a topper for a DE JP machine. I know these have been reproduced however I'd like to see if I can get one locally first. Thanks for any leads!
  3. Pro tip: if you disconnect the topper connector you will also disable the flasher behind the lure which also uses this connector. Remove one of the connector pins for the coil but leave the flasher pins intact if you want to stop the flapping but not the flashing. Wrap in tape or otherwise secure the loose pin to prevent shorts.
  4. I had someone else call me today about repairs for a Cosmic Princess. Must be something in the water!
  5. Product is called Rustoleum Rock Solid floor coating. Similar to an epoxy but slightly different composition. Looks nice but definitely not "rock solid" like it says on the box. It was a lot of prep and effort to apply. Not sure if I'd do it again.
  6. I put together a new bench for the new garage and workshop. Too much time wasted in the past with a small workbench with not enough storage space or work space. This one is a 2.8m section of Dexion pallet racking with three shelves, mounted to heavy duty castors so it can be wheeled around. Eight outlet power board provides power for everything and can be plugged into whichever wall (or ceiling) outlet is closest. Three separate spaces on the work surface dedicated to soldering and PCB work, mechanical disassembly, and research (for viewing schematics, manuals, etc). Currently got my PC on the bench in the research section but will probably replace this with a flatscreen and a mini PC when I have the time. Still some changes to make to it but I'm happy with how it's worked out so far. You can mount a whole playfield rotisserie on it if need be.
  7. Agreed! Just finished working on a Playboy with the coin mechs on the right and centre. Looked all wrong. Much better now though!
  8. Keep in mind if you want to send the board away to have a new rectifier board installed, you'll have to send the transformer, too. Postage isn't cheap! Otherwise this kind of thing can be done in a service call in an hour or so.
  9. With any Stern and Bally game I service, I find it worthwhile to install a new rectifier board before doing anything else. Usually clears up issues such as this and it's a worthwhile upgrade anyway. You can upgrade the original if you like but at less than $100 for a new board, generally not worth the time.
  10. Sorry to bump such an old topic, but did anyone ever find out what happened to the full scale RR? Did it get scrapped, sold, or what? I know it's a long shot after more than 10 years, but surely a cab of this size can't go unnoticed for all this time? The guys on the UKVAC forum talk about these cabs a lot: http://www.ukvac.com/forum/indepth-look-at-ridge-racer-full-scale_topic371455.html. The last known surviving cab in the UK has apparently just been scrapped - full saga detailed in the thread above. Someone mentioned one in Australia so I searched and found this thread. It seems the fate of the Australian cab is completely unknown after it was removed from Timezone. Would be cool to find out what eventually became of it.
  11. I have found it is because some people, particularly those from older generations, have no idea how to relax and have fun. Everything has to be a job, a side hustle, or a scheme to make money. If it doesn't make money, particularly if it's associated with something "childish", then it's a waste of time. That's why the Mercedes collection is fine (Mercedes = money). Often these people have absolutely nothing going on in their lives so they ridicule those who have found a way to enjoy and spend their time. At the end of the day, you do you, and stuff what anyone else says. NB. Not saying the above applies to your parents specifically. Just a generalisation.
  12. Hi everyone. Having some issues with a Cyber Cycles. Namco Super System 22. One of the CPU boards has a fault whereby the brake pot stays fully engaged and the bike bank pot stays fully engaged (towards the right). This is with the bike upright and not being touched. Issue persists if the bike is fully unplugged too. Issues disappears when I swap CPUs. I've tried restarting connectors and cleaning out the sockets in the base of the PCB cage. Not sure where else to check. No issues visually apparent on the CPU board. Thanks for any help!
  13. Thanks for the link Mark - those videos are great. Sometimes it's always useful to know what not to do - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tq-EpR-8R0w
  14. I just installed a CR2032 in a Bally Playboy with no issues. However I haven't had it installed long enough to see how quickly it drains.
  15. Don't bother with these old style leg brackets. Install some of the newer WMS style brackets which mount to the adjacent sides of the cabinet. Much stronger.
  16. I only got involved in the hobby in 2014 and the difference even from then is crazy. The barrier for entry is too high for many people now. I don't know what the solution is. I do my best to spread knowledge and keep games going for others to enjoy in future.
  17. Mark, this is genius. Now I can finally get the last few lamps out of the Bally backbox I've been working on.
  18. One mantra I learned from work which is very useful when troubleshooting is ABC. Assume nothing. Believe no-one. Check everything. I find that chasing your tail for hours is usually a result of not doing one of the above things.
  19. I remembered to take a photo tonight! Here's what I've got.
  20. Hi Peter I just bought a new plastic set. Will post a photo of the original plastic tomorrow.
  21. You caught it at a good time. I would neutralise with acid and sand back to bare copper. Then re-tin or conformal coat. How old were the batteries, out of interest?
  22. These inductors have very low henry values. You can replace them with jumper wires.
  23. Thanks Steve. I'm mainly after the locking pins which insert through the middle of the spiral. The pins themselves measure 27.5cm.
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