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  1. I've attended some sketchy house calls before but I think I would even give that one a miss!
  2. Any interest in this at all? I get that these cabs are a pain to move, so to sweeten the deal I'll also deliver the damn thing anywhere in Sydney!
  3. Hi everyone Cleaning out some spare pinball parts. All brand new. Prices include postage. Alternatively you can pickup from 2560. Stern World Poker Tour: Drop target decals (for all 3 banks) Spinner decals (4) Slingshot plastics (2) $50 for the lot Stern The Simpsons Pinball Party: Monorail decal (1) Target decals (3) TV dial decal (1) Nuclear decal (1) $10 for the lot Stern Ripley's Believe It Or Not! Spinner decals (4) Unknown round decal (1) $5 for the lot Stern Pirates of the Caribbean Slingshot plastics (2) $30 for the lot
  4. A few things to look at with this one. What happens when you enter test mode and trigger the switch manually? Does it register consistently? What state is the CPU board in? Any signs of battery leakage or corrosion? What are the voltages on the power driver board?
  5. I'm aware of one here in Sydney but not sure if I'll be allowed to download the ROMs. I'll look into it.
  6. I'm surprised to hear it is hard to get contributors. Contributing a game is half the fun! I get a kick out of seeing people enjoying our games when they may not have the chance to play them otherwise. Is it an issue of regular contributors getting burnt out after several years and stopping, or the pool of one-off and irregular contributors is drying up?
  7. This is sensational. Well done. I am about to restore my own TMNT and will seriously be considering this.
  8. Did you try a known working set of ribbon cables? There may be an issue in the cable itself which reseating won't fix. Any corrosion under the ribbon cable header pins? Also check U18 and U19 as these deal with signals to and from the board.
  9. Bump! Still available. Handlebar covers also arrived and have been installed.
  10. Some transformers just seem to run hotter than others. I've seen several WPC games with heat-damaged timber underneath the transformer. As long as there are no shorted windings and the game otherwise functions normally, you should be OK.
  11. During this era, there wasn't much consistency with Gottlieb leg lengths. They were either 27" or 31", or in some cases 27" on the front and 31" on the back. In my opinion 27" inch "feels" the most correct, and puts the cabinet at a similar height to other 90s era games.
  12. Hi John According to the manual, just one wire at pin 3 for the THING speaker panel lamps and the start button.
  13. Might give this stuff a go on my TMNT ramp. This ramp cops direct hits from balls deflected off the left side targets, as well as bad bounces from the posts at the entrance to the ramp. Have tried repairing it several times with various plastic repair compounds and adhesives however none have survived more than a couple of direct hits. Will be interested to see if this stuff cuts the mustard, but nothing ever seems to win against a steel ball.
  14. Oh whoops. Totally forgot the most important part. $2500.
  15. For sale is my 1995 Cyber Cycles twin bike racer by Namco. This game is in good overall condition and is working well. I have fully cleaned this game inside and out and given it a thorough go-over. It was in poor condition when I received it but after a lot of work, it presents nicely. This an an LAI-built game and features the standard cabinet with a central tower supporting the topper, and two monitors mounted on pedestals. The monitors are 29" Toshibas with Nanao MS9-29A chasses. One of the chasses was not working and was sent to Jomac for overhaul and it works like new now. Both monitors nice and bright with no burn-in. The topper has had a hard life. It has cracks in several places but these have been repaired. Only one small section of the front plastic is missing (top left). The traffic lights are both complete. The fluoro tube, ballast and fan in the topper were all replaced. Incandescent lamps were also replaced with LEDs. The fluoro tube in the tower was also replaced. The power supplies are mounted in the tower and one was rebuilt as some of the caps has begun to bulge. Delivering nice solid voltages now. In the bottom of the tower are the board stack cages. These were thoroughly cleaned. A couple of the boards presented with graphics faults, there were some sound issues with the CPU, and one of the amplifiers had failed. These were all repaired by Jomac. New ventilation fans were installed on both board cages. The wiring loom in this part of the cabinet was also repaired and given a tidy-up. In terms of the bikes, they have both been cleaned and all switches and potentiometers are working. One of the bike speakers was replaced. The bikes are fully functional but note that the large plastic pieces which cover the base of the bikes are missing. One of the speaker covers has also been replaced with a different grille. I have ordered some new handlebar covers but these are not shown in the photos. The metal checker plate was also thoroughly cleaned; they shine like new now! Game is currently set to free play. You can see a short video of me playing the game here: https://youtu.be/5IKiC2mOIfk. No comments on my shitty driving, please! Manual is included. Also comes with two S6 coin mechanisms however they are not working. If you want it set to coin operation I can do this for an extra cost. For transport, the game comes apart into multiple pieces for easier moving. It is located in Ambarvale 2560. I can help disassemble and load up if necessary. Thanks for checking out my listing; happy Easter!
  16. Thanks for the recommendation. I saw that one in my research. I'll check it out next time I go to the shops.
  17. I do already have a split system in the garage however it is not as efficient as a dedicated unit. I've also got a humidity sensor so I can program it to turn on when the humidity is too high, so that should work well once I find the right unit.
  18. Hi all. Having some issues with humidity in the garage which I am trying to combat. I am looking for a dehumidifier to remove some of the moisture. There has been some talk on the forum about dehumidifiers but all of these topics are very old and all of the links are out of date. Keen to find out if anyone can recommend a decent dehumidifier for this purpose. Room size is about 40m2 and I'd be looking to run the unit pretty much 24/7. Thanks guys.
  19. Damono hasn't been online in a little while...
  20. Hey Clint, Your ROM is in the mail. I just noticed your question about the rubber strap. Here's more information about it than you ever wanted to know: https://www.ipdb.org/files/2356/Data_East_1991_Star_Trek_Easy_Access_Service_System_755_5025_00_for_all_DE_games_with_bottom_cabinet_strap.pdf
  21. What material is your garage constructed from? If it's metal, heat exchange through the door is minimal compared to losses via the walls and roof. We insulated all of our garage walls and roof with space blanket, sarking as well as fibreglass batts. Horrible job but the result is worth it as temperature in there is always steady, and humidity stays low. It's better insulated than the house! We haven't bothered to seal the doors as the insulation is good enough elsewhere that I don't think it will make a difference. Is your door facing the sun? If so is it possible to install some shade or plant a tree to block it? Insulation won't make much of a difference if the sun is pelting down on a metal door for 6 hours a day. Ours is under a carport so there is no real radiation from the door to the inside. There are a number of foil-type products that you can stick to the door. Not sure how effective they are as they would get shredded if you open and close the door frequently. Bristle seals seem like a good idea, though. That is the one thing we might still do.
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