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  1. Thanks for the link Mark - those videos are great. Sometimes it's always useful to know what not to do - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tq-EpR-8R0w
  2. I just installed a CR2032 in a Bally Playboy with no issues. However I haven't had it installed long enough to see how quickly it drains.
  3. Don't bother with these old style leg brackets. Install some of the newer WMS style brackets which mount to the adjacent sides of the cabinet. Much stronger.
  4. I only got involved in the hobby in 2014 and the difference even from then is crazy. The barrier for entry is too high for many people now. I don't know what the solution is. I do my best to spread knowledge and keep games going for others to enjoy in future.
  5. Mark, this is genius. Now I can finally get the last few lamps out of the Bally backbox I've been working on.
  6. One mantra I learned from work which is very useful when troubleshooting is ABC. Assume nothing. Believe no-one. Check everything. I find that chasing your tail for hours is usually a result of not doing one of the above things.
  7. I remembered to take a photo tonight! Here's what I've got.
  8. Hi Peter I just bought a new plastic set. Will post a photo of the original plastic tomorrow.
  9. You caught it at a good time. I would neutralise with acid and sand back to bare copper. Then re-tin or conformal coat. How old were the batteries, out of interest?
  10. These inductors have very low henry values. You can replace them with jumper wires.
  11. Thanks Steve. I'm mainly after the locking pins which insert through the middle of the spiral. The pins themselves measure 27.5cm.
  12. Hi Steve, Yes they might be the same. There are two sizes, I am looking for the 27.5cm long ones.
  13. Hi guys. Looking for a few parts missing from a LAI Lighthouse. Thought I would see if anyone here had spares before I try and buy a whole parts machine on Lloyds or similar. I'm after 3x prize arm locking pins and a spare motor for the rotating beacon. Thanks!
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