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  1. #107 landed woohoo! And yes, it is that good… 😃
  2. I was surprised to see the $600USD increase over GZ so considering that’s around $830AUD local pricing is pretty good, in the current craziness we are living in. Personally I reckon Stern’s just making shit up when it comes to pricing these days. Because they can.
  3. Can’t wait for next week when mine gets delivered 😃
  4. Hey Ali, thanks so much 🙂 Looking forward to catching up with you in 2 weeks!
  5. Ali all my love to you. Mark will be so missed, he was a character for sure and cheeky AF. Glad to have met him and shared so many laughs with you both.
  6. Holy shitballs Batman! Did anyone see the asking price for the LE?
  7. Nice one. I’m a huge ST fan and a fan of blacklight/UV so I can imagine how good it looks in person.
  8. Hooley dooley, 7 months plus and no chat. What do owners think? Where you able to dial in the ramp diverter and demogorgan ramp to an acceptable level?
  9. Features vids are up on YouTube if someone wants to add a pretty link. My links look like poo...
  10. Hopefully later or next year...
  11. Don't worry, Ghost Dog will save you! :o
  12. Fark me that’s loud, having said that, I’m interested...
  13. "It took a while to get my head round it but looks like the 555 timer is used to send a stream of pulses into a darlington pair of transistors that drive transformer T1, which drives the BU460D transistor which chops the LOPT primary coil in and out of circuit, I guess constantly collapsing and reforming magnetic field in the LOPT secondary coil gets dumped to the tube up the annode wire to the cap. The tube itself is a giant capacitor so it handles the smoothing itself. The duty cycle of these pulses is what sets the resulting voltage. The HV shutdown seems to be controlled by a comparitor circuit, with a voltage divider using the +24v as a reference voltage, kicking a thyristor in the circuit to bypass a small capacitor in the 555 timer circuit when a threshold is breached. With the capacitor bypassed the 555 oscillation stops and the HV is cut." Well duh, of course! Just messing, superb work, you should be very proud. Amazingly detailed write up, thanks for taking us on the journey :D
  14. Ha! Love that Southpark episode :lol
  15. Anyone know of one anywhere on site in Melbourne yet?
  16. What’s it like to play if you don’t mind me asking?
  17. So is anyone down for this one? I’m doing a Natalie Imbruglia, Torn. I really want to like this game but it’s not calling to me... yet. Just have to wait and see it in person.
  18. Gary said they’d be streaming the prem/le next week so will have to check that out. You’ve gotta believe they’ve done their research re the capabilities of the projector etc and I can’t imagine Brian Eddy wanting his name associated with a steaming turd... It’s not like they got to the end of development and thought “fuck me, you know what this game needs? A projector!” :lol
  19. This is a big time favourite of mine so I'm really hoping it's just washed out due to overhead lighting...
  20. That looks sweet, nice one Rob! :D
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