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  1. Looks great. I'm sure it won't last long. I'm chasing a Donkey Kong Jr Game & Watch if anyone has any leads.....
  2. Thanks Jayson & Dee for your 1st time hosting houseball. I'm glad I was there to help you pop your cherry.......lol
  3. Very nice Jesse. It looks in great nick. Good luck with the sale.
  4. The early bird gets the worm.......have fun all.....see ya at the next one maybe.......
  5. @Arcade King thanks for the update. What you do for the community dosn't go unappreciated. I'm sure you know but it is still nice to actually hear sometimes. Thank you....
  6. Yes please Leigh @sleazius I would like to be added to the list. Thanks Ray @raysco.
  7. You would be surprised. There is a bit of a community in SE QLD.......
  8. Thanks to the organisers and @zanderzone and Sandyzone for hosting. Was indeed a great night..........what I can remember 🤦��♂�
  9. Looking the goods mate ��. Don't forget Houseball next weekend !!
  10. This news has really struck a chord with me. I'm so very sad to hear of Yee's passing. I made new friends through attending Pincade. Catching up with Yee was always a highlight. You will definitely be missed mate but never forgotten. RIP 😥💔
  11. Looking good @robm �� You never cease to amaze me with your ingenuity mate. All the best. Ant.
  12. I have seen and played the 1st 2 of these games that are listed. Very nice. Give me a shout before that 9 Ball of yours goes on the chooping block @rotordave
  13. Great work @jono I'm sure it will look smick when it is all done. ��
  14. Thanks for hosting @DAG I had a great time. You have a good selection of games that all present very well. Look forward to returning next tume for a few flips. Cheers mate. ��
  15. Now the day has arrived I'm actually feeling a little down that I'm not traveling to Pincade to catch up with everyone and hang out with my mates. I'm making plans for 2022 already !!
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