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  1. Is this the same as Game 3 with a different skin? 😆 Ok so fighting games haven’t aged well for me. For me it was also the last Arcade Surge and signal of its demise since pre 1985 and I blame it on home consoles just playing these games too well. I had a Genesis at the time and my friend had an SNES. Genesis had the blood which was censored for the SNES if I recall. But the SNES one seemed to play better.
  2. None of the places I played in ever had more than 3 lives - so I always feel like 5 lives is cheating....
  3. 79200 This is essentially a sequel to Berzerk and Frenzy IMO.
  4. Is anyone aware of an easy way to watch an.INP on an iPhone or a Mac easily?
  5. This game is faster paced than Galaxian. can anyone post a link to the past MGL when this game was played? can’t remember what my score was…
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