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  1. Here's another one I've never seen. Funny thing is I'm discovering these shows now because when they aired I was probably AT the arcade! Cool part in this video where they top 10 the current arcade and console games - you can see what we had the capability to play at home vs the arcade Then they introduce the new cutting edge video game - Star Wars!!
  2. I was born in 72 and remember when all these machines were new - and I can still remember the store and/or location of the games. I'm waiting for a good virtual arcade for the Oculus Quest 2.
  3. Hey guys- this was recently published to YouTube. It’s very long but we’ll done and goes through each year’s games. I’m up to Burgertime at 40 mins in and I thought some other Arcade people would enjoy
  4. I could never get a good setup going. Does anyone play with just an Xarcade, PC and monitor?
  5. I remember when this came out - we were still playing Mario Bros. - Donkey Kong 3 - wow - this is nothing like Donkey Kong!
  6. This is my nomination so thanks! Another very early voice game. This was one of the games that the "older" kids were good at. I was 9 when this game came out. So here I am ... 40 years later still playing.
  7. It didn't occur to me until I had finished the first level that jumping over things can be a better strategy than shooting.
  8. I'm thinking of the voice in King and Balloon that says " Bye Bye" 2021!
  9. I remember this being a big deal on the c64/Amiga - just having the sphinx background graphics was very cool. Also, Lady Madonna by the Beatles is one of the songs in this game - I think 2nd level...
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