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  1. Stay awhile - stay forever!! 4820 a new PB! 😆
  2. I remember when this and Hyper Sports came out. This was way before Street Fighter and other 2 players at a time was a thing. Very popular game and along with Warlords- one of the few I would love to have in a tabletop. When out of quarters, I would head home to play Summer Games and HESGames on the Commodore 64.
  3. Love the full color action for great player appeal 😎
  4. A heck of an opener for me. This is a PB for me and the first time I broke 100k.
  5. Looks interesting. Never played this game.
  6. “We’d like to know” is an homage to WPIX channel 11 in NYC.
  7. It looks like the spinner does go up and down. I’ll post a review over the holidays.
  8. Both great games but which is better? Dig Dug released in February 1982. Mr. Do in September 1982 My opinion: Mr. Do is superior in that it is a less “patternable” game with multiple strategies to pass stages. What’s your opinion? We’d like to know.
  9. Noms are in. I plan to have my Arcade1up Tron at some point during this MGL which is likely to be a distraction for me. @OOO I didn’t get a message about the kick-off of this MGL like I usually do. I just happened to go to aussiearcade and saw it.
  10. I’ll take 1 XL of each of the 3 shirt designs.
  11. Came across this from 1981 - One part I love here Is the footage showing the small store with 2-3 games in it. That's how it was for me in 1981. No full size arcades around quite yet.
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