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  1. I might try and use the Dremel to expose enough leaf to get some solder onto her. If i can get a good take that may sort it.. I will report back
  2. Hi all, I was wondering if this is repairable or does it need replacing? If it needs replacing where would I be able to source on . It is the No.2 switch on the motor. Thank you in advance.
  3. Hi all, I saw a button and pressed it ....as you do :).. Cannot get out of the test mode for love or money. Can anyone pls advise on how to recover.. Cheers in a advance
  4. Looking for one of the above machines to add to my personal collection. Maybe even an Xmen. At this stage only interested in one from Vic but maybe swayed to purchase interstate. PM me if you have one which you are looking to move on. Cheers
  5. Hey Rich, When machine finally starts a game .It is fine... the replay/credit unit does not seem to be playing nice I am sorting through a few issues. One was the AX relay was not making contact on one of the switches. ,Now the score reels are working. The main issue now is starting a game. I have to trigger the coin switch, credit button about 6 or 7 times before a game starts.I have applied power to the coils on the replay unit...they fire although I am not convinced the "Add Credit" is doing what it is supposed to. I need to have a closer look at it.e.g Adding credits via the front door or manually firing the coin does not increment the credits. That is where I am at as from last night. The solution is in front of me .....Just need to nut it out.The schematics showing the Start up, Add/ subtract section would be bloody handy..
  6. Hi all, I have a Spin out with a start up issue.It is hit and miss. Trying to get my head around the Replay Unit.It does not seem to be playing nicely. It has had a few hacks over the years. I don't have a schematic unfortunately so I am flying blind. If i have to grab one from the US , I will although it will take ages. I don't seem to be able to find anything online to help me out.If someone could steer me in the right direction that would be greatly appreciated.
  7. Hi guys, I will be picking up a Mustang with a few issues on the weekend. I have the schematics for a Buccaneer from around the same era. Should that cover most or will I need a dedicated copy for the Mustang? Cheers
  8. Wondering if anyone has one of these in their kit that they are will to part with . It is off one of the score reels. One of mine is completly missing.i cant seem to find one in the usual outlets.Cheers in advance
  9. Has the colorization for Pin2DMD for JD been sorted?
  10. Had this in my TOM. I prefer the LED for that particular machine. Working perfectly.Can be installed in heaps of different machines. ( check on Colordmd web site). Would have to update the firmware via usb to suit your machine..takes about 2 mins. Asking $620 plus postage or pick up after lock down in Melbourne. PM me if interested Comes with cable and spacers. ​
  11. I am chasing a Spidey, ( Vic pref.), if anyone is looking to part with theirs...PM me ...Cheers
  12. Brought one for my STTNG. Looks amazing! Just ordered another for my TOM. One of the best mods on the market.
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