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  1. Nice write up Pat,lot of thought and good memory of everyone's machines. Yes pizza is on the cards for next season.:D
  2. You didn't miss much. Thunderbirds that is !! - - - Updated - - - That is not all he was washing ha ha !! - - - Updated - - - Thanks Gav, great night.Great to hear you waxed your balls ha ha.Thanks for everything.
  3. Thanks Simon great night & feed machines brutal ,your first crack at hosting you pulled it off. Loved the auditioning for Rocky 5 made for an entertaining night swordfight
  4. I hope your going I have 3 bags of concrete in my boot for ya !!:lol
  5. That's two bags of concrete on your weetbix now. Harden up Mother F----- !!
  6. If you walked into a church you would catch on fire.!!:077:
  7. Not sure about next Tuesday as its Michelle's birthday.Like the idea about Group Match Play though, much better format. How will that work for those who lob up late ?
  8. About time" No kmart frequent flying points this weekend.:D
  9. I did hear about 12 months ago that JJP would be doing a remake of GNR soon after Wonka. So far its all falling in to place. Sure it wont be Stern Also reading some of these posts sure im not on the Stern haters thread ha ha :o
  10. Thanks Skids for a terrific night as usual, fires , food, brutal pins and laughs with the crew. Cheers
  11. Jetsetter , must be all the flybuy points from Kmart .:028:
  12. That's a hard school to get into, not sure if he is quiet there yet. Poor old Wazza is still there by himself.:)
  13. Your a legend Wazza in many ways. Now your the champ everyone is coming after ya even Edy .
  14. Ha ha , No it wasn't believe it or not. Simon had his foot on the power point and knocked the cord out. Thought I had blown a fuse in the power box at first.ha ha:lol
  15. Hey Edy hope Adelaide was good, there was a couple of issues with two machines on the night otherwise all went well. Apart from the plug being pulled though. :o
  16. We would like to say it was our pleasure in having you all over. Hope you enjoyed yourselves and a thank you to all of those who helped in many ways prior and during the day/night meet. Always good to see people with smiles on their faces at all these Wildball meets. Thanks to the scorers and Cardini who always seems to spend most of the meets on his laptop, to make sure its all going well. Congrats to Wazza for your win Awesome effort. And yes Skids I shit myself when Simon pulled the plug ha ha!! Thanks again until the next meet beanie time on the pins.
  17. What state are you in and I don't mean mind or do i.:o
  18. Yeah it is the 11th could not change it to the 18th Edy as there is a comp on at Luna Park that Regan has organised. A few of the Wildball crew are going to that .
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