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  1. World cup Soccer 94 - jacks challa fish shop torrens rd croydon park Sent from my HTC_0P6B6 using Tapatalk
  2. It was always fun meeting people's parents when I was younger....lol that's a classic!
  3. It's my last name, unfortunately the nickname has stuck since high school, nothing at all to do with drugs at all!
  4. Having some people round tonight, no one wants to talk to me. 😥 http://tapatalk.imageshack.com/v2/14/11/21/8348efcd74cdcb9b5d43b4adc43d2ca1.jpg
  5. Good stuff! There is one of these sited at the austral hotel on rundle st in Adelaide! Fun game, congratulations!
  6. Haha I'd have to then turn all the gears upside down to mesh and the one on the main shaft was fixed...didn't want to mess around too much incase I completely stuffed it! Put it back in tonight and it only spins one way as it should, makes the game play a lot smother when the ball diverter actually lines up every time!
  7. Well I managed to pull mine apart, the main gear which engages the "dog" was shredded, I managed to space it up on the shaft a bit so the dog has some new teeth to grab onto for the time being. Marco specialties said they should be expecting some more in the next 3 weeks or so, so I'll order a new one as this one probably won't last for too long! Cheers
  8. Thanks, but unfortunately they don't have them listed! Might have to try cracking this one open and repairing!!
  9. Hi Guys, Just picked up a cheap Williams Space Station, my first pin! :) (That dad didn't lend me) Having a few issues with the motor assembly, turn backwards sometimes which doesn't line up the ball correctly. As discussed on pinside: https://pinside.com/pinball/forum/topic/space-station-turns-wrong-way Macro Specialities seem to be out of stock, I was wondering if anyone had a spare lying around? Part # is 14-7941-2 Any leads would be appreciated :) Cheers
  10. So my old man just told me someone who he sold an old project pin to, saw this ad, put two and two together, and dropped a scanned manual round to him! So to the anonymous member, thank you very much! Legend! Sent from my HTC_PN071 using Tapatalk
  11. No worries, thanks illawarra! Sent from my HTC_PN071 using Tapatalk
  12. Part #'s would be handy, also wouldn't mind checking over the schematics, a couple of things don't seem to be working correctly. It's hard to tell when some of the lights should be lit eg pop bumpers, top upkickers etc...(some of them don't seem to light), would be a bit quicker to fault find if we had some diagrams! Cheers. Sent from my HTC_PN071 using Tapatalk
  13. Hi guys, My old man is fixing up a gottileb king pin. If anyone has a manual for sale/scanned it would be appreciated! Cheers Mike Sent from my HTC_PN071 using Tapatalk
  14. Try these guys in the city, they would know if you can get one. http://shop.aztronics.com.au/ Can you solder onto these pins? I think I've always just soldered onto Molex pins. Cheers Sent from my HTC_PN071 using Tapatalk
  15. If only this was in Adelaide! Been looking for a first pin for a while! Glws! Sent from my HTC_PN071 using Tapatalk
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