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  1. Comp has been looking good and we have missed some great games and competition… we hope to be up and running for the next comp as we have been having pinball withdrawals…..
  2. Great game back in the day ….wide body machine as a kid was awesome… mate of mine that did repairs had 3 of these in his workshop back in the 90’s alone with hundreds of old machines and memories wonder what ever happened to them
  3. May have won this one but I think the last for awhile our machine is down with hardware issues …that was also why Mrs Moz didn’t place a score…we’ll get some computer repair’s to come look at the situation a try and get up and running as soon as possible 😢😭
  4. Close close close I’d better have a few more games this weekend…. get that 3x minimum each ball to have a crack at the extra ball
  5. Had a quick game this arvo witch ended up being an epic…had 4 extra balls…2 ultimate challenges….. 4 multi balls..I was in the zone and throughly enjoyed it…many memories of when I owned one.. a nice score 2,244,865,640
  6. Mrs Moz with here first score 314,106,280 remembers playing the game when it was in our collection but no game rules Made the ultimate challenge for starters but it’s a fast game 550,338,780 Try the super game if you can right Magna save launches remember 2credits to play 😆😃😁
  7. Hope he doesn’t get the next version with even better scoring 😂😁
  8. I think russ had dozer version VPW plays closer to the original and the lighting isn’t so hard on your eyes…but both tables are good….
  9. Try VPW version released earlier this year way harder more realistic and lighting toned down a very nice version to play
  10. Mrs Moz with her first decent score 364,459,640 we were playing doubles and I did a 600k and still did her 😁
  11. Yes on popper I try to use the full dmd as the EM machines don’t use it and I think it looks nice instead of leaving it blank
  12. Me too haven’t bettered 300k since my big score…it’s so fast and frustrating just love it…
  13. Great fast flowing game… really regret selling this back in day…turn up the volume and get into the groove
  14. Loved this game as a kid…2,647,540 theres a few tricks to this one but do I dare tell….mmmmmm
  15. I had that to Jed and Russ sorted the problems I think it had to do with ticking some box’s but it was way over my head and to deep into programs for me to help you….pm Russ mate he knows his stuff 👍👌
  16. Woohoo a great game …. Flash
  17. Mrs Moz with a score 110,110 legin just pipped her A little better for me 99,000
  18. Man this is a good table fast and so much going on 1,383,030,170
  19. Yes Jed Russ knows his stuff I was way over my head ….but 10.7 is fantastic the new games are amazing and without Russ I would still be in the dinosaur 10.6 😂🤣😆😁…Russ taught me heaps but I think I’ve forgotten of it 🥺😩
  20. That’s going to take some beating….. nice score
  21. Thanks mate and it is a pisser of a game to play jp has done it justice…. would love to play the real one but there’s none in Coffs
  22. Love this game ….without Russ 10.7 wouldn’t have happened for me and I would have missed this game… still no idea really what’s going on I just listen and watch what lights up…multi ball is the winner but the quick 2ball is always there if your accuracy is good enough as it can drain down the guts quiet easily….have both versions of deadpool but find jp original the best for me that’s my opinion 😁😁 had a couple of games then a ripper with heaps of quick multi balls so that help’s with the score 668,453,680 and I think there’s a bit more in me still the misses just shock her head and I think a soft swear work come out of her …haha she’s pissed
  23. No way your going doing a fantastic job at running the comp…haven’t done dead pool yet enjoying a rear EM table still..
  24. Thanks mate …. I didn’t mean to be picky but everything was a 21 know that there’s 22 this old brickie can see the difference comp 😂😁
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