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  1. A better score and Color table 255,511,420 Mrs Moz 165,407,660 better from her
  2. And the ball physics is rather rubbery or bouncey this one could do with a nice makeover…I do remember playing this as a kid in the pinnie parlour in Sawtell… Ah the old days pinballs and milkbars our dog would be at the local sawtell milkbar waiting for us to get of the bus…To many latte sucking cafes these days and the old dog would be put down if seen down there not on a lead….
  3. The mozzies can’t crack the 100 thousand mark at the moment
  4. Finally a decent score and beating the misses 180,674,460 great game nice in black and white or grayscale….still trying to work it out
  5. Mrs Moz 131,080,750 getting a better score then me….trying to work out what to aim for but it’s a great game…. Try the black and white version nice very nice…
  6. Yep I here you we’ve been in our house for 19 yrs and when it sells well rent for 12 months before the land is released to build our next place….time to down size on acreage and both our kids know have apprenticeships and are never home…
  7. All good mate …busy weekend for you moving house ?? Thanks for running the comp again it’s very appreciated by the mozzies
  8. Hi Jar you missed Mrs Moz score…… doesn’t matter anyway she finished last 😁😩😂😭
  9. Mrs Moz 21,649,040 she’s trying hard even had the billion lite but missed….
  10. I was close if I had a little more accuracy with the first ball grabbed the billion and still with that first ball lite the billion 3 more times but wasn’t able to get up the ramp was probably a 10+ minute ball the next 2 went straight down the guts…
  11. Had a great game just then and missed the 2 billion 3 times bugger bugger but still a great table to play1,042,714,470
  12. Bettered my score 44,908,420 doing the misses on this one …..just not getting it together Mrs Moz 21,249,290 has to try harder to be with the big boys 👌😁
  13. Finally a score but still no idea on this game 32,520,300
  14. Elise just said ….I’ve got no fucking chance on this one….. it’s a heart pumping game when the billion is lit..
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