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  1. I think if you're going to use it daily spend the money on something more top end. That one in the link you've provided will be fine I reckon. I have the model from Atronics at the bottom of the page in your link and love it, I use it every few weeks without a problem. Just make sure that you clean the filter chamber and the iron tip regularly. I have 3 soldering irons I use for different things, the vacuum iron is a must for double solder sided boards.
  2. Looks like a Horizontal Hold adjustment is out of whack. Adjustments for the monitor will be in the back somewhere.
  3. I've repaired a couple of inverters but it sounds like your problem is external somewhere going on your explanation.
  4. Only 406 made, how bad do you want it. Not gonna hurt to make an offer.
  5. Yep, what he said, looks like this. I'm sure he's found something since Feb 21 though.
  6. There's a heap of these, some better than others. Pelosi's little giggle gets me every time.
  7. Don't out rule new caps being faulty or out of spec.
  8. Is there a problem with your picture or do you just want to give the chassis some love?
  9. Rottendog power supply for system 1's. Or if you want to replace all the boards get a pascal all in one board.
  10. Do they have the tiny rubber belts on the motor spindle, if there is, there's a good chance replacing them with fix your problem.
  11. At the very least $250 upwards, even with non matching CD player. Test the tape deck with a cassette you're not attached to, they tend to chew the tape if they've been sitting for a while because of old belts and idler rubbers.
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