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  1. Probably one of the 6118 ICs. If you repair it change the electrolytic cap while you're at it.
  2. Do they have the tiny rubber belts on the motor spindle, if there is, there's a good chance replacing them with fix your problem.
  3. At the very least $250 upwards, even with non matching CD player. Test the tape deck with a cassette you're not attached to, they tend to chew the tape if they've been sitting for a while because of old belts and idler rubbers.
  4. Had a dig. 8x8 matrix AV switcher. LG 34cm TV/VCR combo. Some CCTV video switching gear.
  5. My bad. I got sidetracked today and forgot all about it. I'll make a note now for tomorrow.
  6. It felt weird as, never experienced something like that before.
  7. https://www.ipdb.org/machine.cgi?id=3689 I reckon the screechy sound might get annoying.
  8. Is yours missing or not working? Getting it repaired could be an option?
  9. As Doug said, the internals won't be a problem. As for price, tough call, I'd be hitting YouTube for videos on the Gottlieb Ice Fever to see if you're happy with game play.
  10. I thinks it's an Italian made copy of Gottlieb's Ice Fever. Gottlieb System 80A.
  11. I was gonna say it looks like a Galaga of some sort.
  12. Double check the resistors and caps hanging off the STR20130 just in case. You can lift a leg on either diode to take out the shutdown. What voltage do you have at the Cathode of D12?
  13. Correct, either C45 or TP3 are good 12 volt test points. I wouldn't be jumpering any of those test points. I've always set the Horizontal Hold by eye, you'll know when that's out of whack. Except for TP3 (12V), TP1,2,4 and 5 would be measured with an oscilloscope to look at waveforms. TP5 will be for Vertical output/feedback. Let's take a step back to your +B at 133 volts, The STR30130 is a 130 volt output regulator regardless of its DC input. The fact that you have just over 13 volts on you 12 volt rail could be causing the X-RAY/ over voltage protection to be kicking in via D12, 10 volt Zener. Have you got another multimeter to confirm the+B 133 volts and 13 volts? Also has it shut down on you since the 1st time?
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