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  1. Rottendog power supply for system 1's. Or if you want to replace all the boards get a pascal all in one board.
  2. Probably one of the 6118 ICs. If you repair it change the electrolytic cap while you're at it.
  3. Do they have the tiny rubber belts on the motor spindle, if there is, there's a good chance replacing them with fix your problem.
  4. At the very least $250 upwards, even with non matching CD player. Test the tape deck with a cassette you're not attached to, they tend to chew the tape if they've been sitting for a while because of old belts and idler rubbers.
  5. Had a dig. 8x8 matrix AV switcher. LG 34cm TV/VCR combo. Some CCTV video switching gear.
  6. My bad. I got sidetracked today and forgot all about it. I'll make a note now for tomorrow.
  7. It felt weird as, never experienced something like that before.
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