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  1. Sounds awesome Dr John! Can you please put my name on the list? I like the idea of possibly playing longer to get an extra point if score is double your opponent & the Finals format . 🙂 Cheers Matt H
  2. Hey Lambo, Can you please put me down for 1pm start at Pin Golf thanks! Multi-Ball Mania could be a good Venue for the Big Bash event, as I'm sure its most likely already one of the Venues being considered . If other people want to buy Tickets for any remaining Event spots, is there a link that I can share or forward on? or have the online Tickets sales stopped? & will have to buy on the event day? Cheers Matt Hetherington
  3. Time to dust off your Pinnie Club T-shirts! cause we're getting the Club back together for our Monthly Comp meets again. On the first Wednesday of every Month at 6pm Starting with the February meet on this coming Wednesday night the 3rd of Feb All are welcome to come along & join in. $15 Entry fee At Timezone Surfers Paradise The Machines were moved away from the Bumper Cars mid last year so we can hear each other now! 😃 Looking forward to seeing you there 🙂 Regards Matt Hetherington
  4. Hey John, Can you please also add Steve Bruce & Paul Phillips to the list , Thanks M H 🙂
  5. These look great ! Are they only one of's ? or can they be ordered online somewhere? Cheers Matt Hetherington
  6. Such a huge loss to the Pinball Community as a whole I wonder if they had of given everyone some notice of their financial situation, like that they would have to shut down their operations unless they get a certain amount of money I've got a feeling that the Pinball Community would have tried to help them stay afloat Or maybe they couldn't see any end in sight to the following years regarding the Covid laws & social distancing ? 😥 I'll be surprised if the IFPA points come back by this time next year! Matt H
  7. Please add me to the reserves list thanks Dave. Cheers Matt H 🙂
  8. Sorry for the late notice but I won't be able to make the event! Please remove me from the list
  9. Can I please be added to the list thanks Dave 🙂 Cheers, Matt Hetherington
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