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  1. "I'm Lord Howard Hurtz...who the f*ck are you?!" Medieval
  2. Do you mean in terms of total units sold/made?
  3. Ever since WOZ was first released I was wishing JJP did this title. The scope for the amount of toys they could fit in the game would be massive considering how much they did with WOZ and how this theme can lend to it. Not that I’m unimpressed with the reveal but I was kind of expecting...well idk...everything that comes with a fanciful chocolate factory. The toys don’t have that wow factor.
  4. I'm in! Wait, who are you all again? Anyway @cardini put me down for scoring
  5. VUK on World Cup Soccer, toy chest on Aerosmith, right ramp on TWD, right ramp on MET, Addams side ramp, lock flap on Medieval, Shadow magnet lock
  6. I picked up this sign for free from a generous member a couple of years back and I've had my fun from it so passing it back on! It comes with an AC adapter and when powered, lights up the backboard and strobes the LEDs. Pick up only from Sydney. Free to an involved AA'er :)
  7. Damn, seems a work issue will be more of a problem than I thought. I'm out :( Thanks PJ and good luck all!
  8. For the $3k complete idea alert with no thought gone into it: Set aside a few games on token play with a $500-$1500 bounty (2-6 games) on each, notably sectioned off by AMD (could even be the Iron Maidens) and entrants get a token for each comp they're in to have a bash. Top score on each gets the associated prize. Could even go $1 or $2 a play with 100% of token purchases going to charity, same prizes. Granted this does not reward general comp or new players' performances but thinking there are too many categories to cover. with those rewards. Plus anyone can have a great game with so little plays allowed per person if the token per comp system was used.
  9. This sounds too good, beyond keen for a huge meet! Thank you Leigh :)
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