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  1. Turds are made everyday and will be until the end of time... the production of that 43 yr old pinball machine stopped around 43 years ago. I suppose he feels that what's left of them would qualify as collectables.
  2. Go to the official Pandora's Box page on Ali Express - https://pandorasbox.aliexpress.com/store/group/Pandora-Box-EX/937838_10000002659016.html?spm=a2g0o.store_pc_home.0.0.50b26650KtYT40 You can get yourself the wiring harness you need and a 12v power supply.
  3. Thanks for your help as well ... i posted my comment and then read yours so i tried to edit mine to add yours in as a quote but it wouldn't let me. I had a few goes but couldn't work it out. It's probably pretty simple ... but so am i on occasions.
  4. Thanks for the replies. I finally got it .. now i'm wondering when the pubs and clubs will open and if the operators have left their machines in them.
  5. Where in the Service NSW app did your vax record show up ? I had a bit of a look but i'm stuffed if i can find mine.
  6. Put that Double D board in .. flip the screen and invite me over... I'll elbow the shit out of those thugs for you.
  7. Not yet .... i put a deposit down in Feb and was told to expect it's arrival towards the end of the year. If all goes well i might get it before xmas.
  8. https://www.ipdb.org/files/3780/Williams_1995_Congo_English_Manual.pdf
  9. Well, thank you for proving my point in regards to your stupidity. Now that's enough derailing... please take it elsewhere. I'm out.
  10. I used to have little tolerance for stupidity but in my old age i'm finding it more and more amusing as long as it's not harmful.... so thanks for yours (stupidity that is), it gave me a laugh. And in my personal opinion, i think religion may have won the prize for the biggest scam of all time. This is not the place for us to discuss our thoughts on such matters... maybe you should start your own thread to display your ignorance in and leave this one alone.
  11. I had one of these in a cocktail cab in the late 80's... it was stolen from me. I've been looking for another one for a long time .. if anyone has one or knows of one that needs a new home please pm me.
  12. Not my liver ..... mine's been getting some match fitness in lock-down...it's ready for the olympics.
  13. Maybe Time Traveler by SEGA ?? It was a hologram game.
  14. I idolised Bon when i was a teenager ... him and the band. I always thought he and AC/DC were drinking, fighting, weed smoking, groupie slaying, rock'n'roll machines and i wanted to be the same. I would even wear a black arm band to school on the anniversary of Bon's death. Years later i worked in the music industry and met them and some people that worked with them in the 70's and 80's and found out they were a hard working, professional bunch of musicians that kept to themselves and ran a tight ship.
  15. Or, there's an email on the way soon... keep checking. I'm a glass half full person.
  16. Is the first guy that talks in a skate shop or is he just a serious deck collector ?
  17. I've used a few Pandora's in the past... legit versions not the clones... they all have the buttons on Wonderboy around the wrong way ... and the control configs aren't individually adjustable. I have a DX still in the box and unopened that i haven't checked yet but i'm pretty sure it will be the same. I ended up buying the PCB from a member here and made a dedicated cabinet. I did own a cloned console box and the Wonderboy in Monster Land had asian text.
  18. I'm not throwing fuel on the fire here... but what if there are no updates to update you with ?
  19. Check out Google Earth VR ... it keeps me entertained for ages flying around the world checking out places i've never been to. The last game that i played that i was really stoked on was "The Room VR: A Dark Matter", it's an escape type game which isn't everyone's cup of tea but i loved it. There's heaps of free demos out there so make the most of them as well.
  20. Thanks for the heads up.... i finally have a pre order.
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