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  1. Hi guys i have a big Tony’s pokerkard. Machine runs and fires up but player 3 and 4 have an issue with the touch. Probably a screen issue. May be able to fix but I’m not capable. Ive been using it as a 2 player machine. I have some of the player cards which are impossible to find as well as some paperwork with all the settings to get it back up and running if the battery goes flat and they lose their bios settings which is common.. located in medowie which is close to Newcastle airport. $300 tony
  2. Malcolm from tangles got back to me this morning. All good. He has built me one..
  3. Tangles and rttb are all out of stock
  4. Hi would anyone know where I can buy a new Bally/stern power supply/rectifier board for the early ss models such as eight ball. I’ve tried a few places. Rttb are out of stock. Prefer to get one from aus rather than overseas.
  5. You are correct. I need the earlier style with round pins. It’s to go on an AMI hot race I am restoring. The early gottleib ones fit
  6. I’ve got a ball shooter cover. I can send you a photo of the bar I need. I’m in Newcastle so I will need postage. Happy to pay you whatever is a fair price for the parts
  7. I’m happy to restore it. If you can find them work me out a price
  8. Hi im looking for a gottleib apron and lockdown bar to suit jungle princess em or similar machine.
  9. I’m interested in having a look
  10. Hi im looking to buy an electro mechanical. I don’t mind if it has some minor issues. I’m in Newcastle but I’m happy to travel a couple of hours
  11. In the standard adjustments. A.1. 21. Language Hard to read when its in german
  12. All solved. Found a setting that changed it. Thanks
  13. I have the manual but i couldnt find anything in settings etc.
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