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  1. Hi all, I am selling a QNAP TS-832X 8 Bay NAS. It comes with 16GB memory so you would be able to run your VM's with no issues. It does not come with any hard drives and is just the enclosure. Comes in original box and still looks and works great. Looking for $1000 which does include courier delivery. The link to see the specs is at https://www.qnapshop.com.au/QNAP-TS-832X-8G-8-Bay-Diskless-NAS-Alpine-AL-324-Quad-Core-1.7GHz-CPU-8GB-RAM (It came with 8GB, and I upgraded it to 16GB) Thanks heaps Dave
  2. Hi all, I have a QNAP TS832X 8 bay NAS for sale with 4x 10TB hard drives. All items are used but in perfect working order. 3x WD WD101KFBX-68R56N0 1x Seagate ST10000NE0004-2ZF101 Am Looking for $2550 including Courier delivery. Thanks heaps.
  3. Hi all, I have a 4 bay synology NAS (DS920+) which comes with 4x 12TB HDD's (Currently in SHR). The NAS itself was bought in December last year and I have the invoice. The two WD Hard drives were only just purchased and I also have the invoice for them. Price is $2050 which includes courier delivery. The NAS has not missed a beat and is running DSM 7. Please PM if you have any questions. Thank You. Dave
  4. HI Guys, I have an Ipad Air with 256GB Storage for Sale. Still works fine with no errors or blemishes. Comes in box with power adapter and power cable. All comes with a red protective case. It is Out of Warranty as can be seen below. I bought it in October 2019.
  5. Hey all, I have two Intel NUC's for sale 1. NUC7i7BNH $400 - i7-7567U @ 3.5Ghz - 8GB RAM - 256GB M2 SSD - 1TB Seagate SSD - Intel Iris Plus 650 Graphics DOES NOT have a wireless card 2. BOXNUC7i7BNH $350 - i7-7567U @ 3.5GB - 8GB RAM - 256GB M2 SSD -128GB SSD - Intel Iris Plus 650 Graphics DOES NOT have a wireless card Both NUC's only have the NUC itself and its power cord. Price does include courier delivery. Open to offers especially if you have bought from me before. Thanks heaps Dave
  6. I have 4x Surface 4 pros for sale. This is for the pro only, standard power supply and dock (no keyboard or pen). The Surface pro's have the following features. - Intel i5-6300U processor @ 2.4Ghz - 8GB Ram - Windows 10 pro - 240GB Hard Drive There are no boxes but will be packed with plenty of bubble wrap. Buy 1 or buy them all.
  7. Hey Guys, I have a HP Elite X2 G1 tablet with a keyboard and HP Power supply for sale. It comes with Windows 10 (latest version) It has 8gb RAM and a 256GB SSD. Most information will be in the screenshot. It is out of warranty as of last year. Price includes postage. The screen shot looks funny because of the compression. The actual screen is very clear. Thanks heaps Dave
  8. Hi all, I have a used Microsoft Surface Pro 6 for sale as below - Microsoft Surface Pro 6 (USED) - comes in original box (8th gen i5 processor, 256gb, 8gb ram, Win 10, under warranty until July 31st 2021) - Keyboard which attaches to it - unboxed - Dock - unboxed (includes 2x Mini DP to DP adapter) - Microsoft Arc mouse - unboxed - Microsoft Pen - unboxed It has been updated to the latest H2 version of Windows. Price includes courier delivery. Thanks heaps Dave
  9. Hey Homar, I did an Ebay for this one as I had a discount voucher. The seller was australia.dealer
  10. I have just purchased the 18s which comes with WiFi and the store. Should be delivered next week.
  11. Hi all, I have a full tower computer for sale for $500. The specs are :- i5-4590 cpu 32GB RAM DVD-RW AMD Radeon R270 graphics card 240GB Intel SSD 4TB Seagate RED hard drive Asus Motherboard The 4TB hard currently has the CoinOPs retro gaming programs on it giving you thousands of retro games. The price does NOT include postage. Please PM me any questions. Dave
  12. Thank you Lou but i have just been contacted about one I would be able to pick up locally. I do appreciate your response though.
  13. Thank you very much ddstoys, but I have been contacted about one I can pick up locally. I very much appreciate it though. Dave
  14. Hey all, I am looking for a video/audio jukebox that someone may have built. Looking for something with a touch screen. It is only for home use, so doesn't need to be visually fantastic. I can pick up anywhere from Port Macquarie to Sydney (I am in Newcastle). Will consider courier depending on the cost for other areas. Thanks heaps Dave
  15. Hi all, If anyone has a Commodore 64 that they would like to sell, I would like to buy. Would like one with peripherals but would also consider the computer and power itself. I will pay postage and packaging if you are not from the Newcastle area. Thanks heaps Dave
  16. Hi all, I have just gotten around to trialing my wheels and found them to be a little too short on the widest setting. Has anyone modified them to be a little wider (and is it safe to do so)? I have found that with one end right up against the leg, the other end misses by 20mm from doing the same. I was thinking of adding some thick washers to where the end parts bold on to the main bar. Any suggestions will be appreciated. Thank You.
  17. This is what it comes up with. No actual file names. All of these directories have .ctx files in them.
  18. i just bought these from the seller off Ebay. Did not realise they were being sold on here as well. :-)
  19. I have checked out the hard drive on my VPinball from MyGamesRoom and they have changed everything so it is very difficult to add/change things. No proper directories except for the Windows ones. I couldn't work it out (which is what they would want).
  20. Thanks Bwodie, I have saved Chris's details. I am thinking I should wait a couple of weeks before modifying it :-)
  21. Thank you very much OzStick, I do intend on upgrading it and making it better.
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