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  1. 470NVB22 is the original, I believe they are 43 or 44cm. the 47 leading numbers are confusing, for instance, a regular lowboy using 48cm tubes could use A48xxxxxx or 510xxxx, they are the same size, different naming convention.
  2. Giving away this A68AGA25X105 tube which should be compatible with Wells Gardner WGM2792 or good candidate for a cheapo chassis from AliExpress. Pickup Burwood 3125
  3. The 18" tubes are indeed rare but can sometimes be found in old TVs. There's one on marketplace at the moment with a tube that match size wise, may need a yoke swap but a good base given how rare they are: https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/539369263985477/ the seller sent me this picture of the tube label:
  4. Great stuff mate. Any plans on a Sega system 16?
  5. I harvest them from discarded consumer TVs, I probably have one, if @buttersoft doesn't. I have seen similar looking ones of slightly different size, it would good if you could confirm the pitch. @buttersoft , I am pretty sure you can remove the pins from the housing with a simple metal pin. At least I remember doing that with a desoldering iron cleaning rod
  6. hey mate PM'd regarding the sega system 16 goodies
  7. I don't think I can help, but you may get better results if you post a pic of the tube label showing the tube number.
  8. I'll grab em mate, shooting you a PM
  9. Agreed. pots and flybacks are ok but you can do damage if using a conductive tool on coils
  10. He's Australian but is based in the US. If you're really serious about it and are ready to drop the crazy cash they go for these days, your best bet would be to import one from Japan.
  11. I'd be keen too but am in MEL, out of curiosity, do you know what material they are? PLA, ABS?
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