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  1. Looks like QPS found a Funhouse pinball back in April 2020 and are looking for the owners if anyone knows of one stolen. https://mypolice.qld.gov.au/brisbanenorth/2021/08/27/do-you-play-a-mean-pinball/
  2. Yep, used on poker machines. I have a few NOS CRT's from 2000 with the same connector.
  3. Not sure if it's the cause of your issue, but are you using 75ohm terminators on the RGBS outputs as this and most BVM's don't self terminate. Not using them causes high contrast or brightness I believe. I have a non-working bigger brother to this, the BVM-2000AP so interested in following this.
  4. Thanks for the heads up Stu. Have booked in to see my GP this morning. I was prescribed Atacand (which sounds OK) but have been using its generic Candesartan (not OK) in the morning. Plus Amlodipine (seems OK) at night.
  5. I've used a few when putting together AV racks. Here's one which might suit https://www.4cabling.com.au/jackson-1ru-6-outlet-pdu-19-rack-mounted-power-rail-with-surge-protection.html?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI8cTUr5eC5QIVQZGPCh0aNQbJEAAYASAAEgK1vPD_BwE - - - Updated - - - Just found that Officeworks sells them too so you might be able to get them to price match less 5% https://www.officeworks.com.au/shop/officeworks/p/jackson-6-outlet-rackmount-powerboard-black-jarac0600?cm_mmc=Google:SEM:OW%7CShopping:PLA&istCompanyId=0403b0ba-0671-498f-aeb7-e2ff71b61924&istFeedId=ea709c9a-279e-40be-951f-2668243ec753&istItemId=wliwrxaqt&istBid=t&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIiovWmJqC5QIVj4uPCh1B-Qn5EAYYBSABEgI5HvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds
  6. Very cool video. Regret selling my 400 and 800 now.
  7. I would say it saves Tim Arnold a bit of time in on-going maintenance. - - - Updated - - - And I didn't know they were planning to move
  8. This ad seems to show one that has been modded for RGB so I guess it’s possible. https://www.ebid.net/uk/for-sale/bbc-b-computer-monitor-ex-viewdata-7-screen-sony-trinitron-ktx-9000ub-166916187.htm
  9. That new Toshiba tube looks like it is from the lot sold by Bumper in early 2000's. Should be paired with an Entron ET999A chassis and must be used with an isolation transformer, regardless of the fact is says Free Voltage on the chassis. A few of these are installed in machines at Pincadia and looked pretty good last time I saw them. @Johns-Arcade might be able to shed a little more light on it all.
  10. Just wondering if you happened to find a spare manual? I'm still struggling to find one and would like to try and get this glorious beast going.
  11. I played it a lot on an Apple II too. Great game. I think I had it on my Amiga too.
  12. Would be safer to use a US 220v plug and a 230/240v step up converter. Not sure if the transformer in this pinball can have the pins changed to handle 110v directly like the more Williams, etc. machines but maybe someone with a manual can chime in.
  13. I would assume it's still setup for 240v so you'll need a step up converter as well if you want to use it in the US. You can always just put a US plug on it to test. - - - Updated - - - I'd be happy to buy one for you and ship it if it helps.
  14. Great video review. Thanks for your efforts. I've got a Hang On Sit Down (slightly shorter version of the upright with a bench/motorbike seat) cab and would love an Outrun right next to it one day :)
  15. No idea, but love your wiring diagram :D What did you use to draw it up?
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