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  1. Hi Jason, Alex, Rob and all northerners Sorry can't make it. Wish you guys success and good fun!
  2. Fantastic job and a very entertaining thread. Well done and thank you! ....(which playfield you're looking at selling now?!) 😊
  3. Thanks Ray and Maureen for hosting. Thanks Rusty, Travis and Cranky for organising and scoring. Special thanks to the steel screen for keeping me from having another drink (of water!) for a few minutes ! All good fun at the end. Will see you all next year..
  4. Thanks Jayson and Danielle. Thanks also to the organisers. Great people, great machines, great afternoon 🙃
  5. I have a spare ticket for tomorrow's frenzy, 21st Aug. I will be attending myself, contact me here or there if interested.
  6. Loving the new site Trav, though I'm not keen on the black background. Changed back to white. I haven't found out how to delete my notifications yet. They used to go automatically once they had been read but not any more. How do you clear your notifications now?
  7. I received this note from Cliff Rinear, (Cliffy's Pinball Innovations) after I mentioned Yee's passing away. On several occasions Cliff told me he would love to attend Pincade but never found the time.I share Cliffy's note hereunder: "Oh no, thats not good news :( Yee bought stuff from me many times over the years. I have his marco polo street address still. Sad for everyone, please express my heartfelt condolences Roland "
  8. Hi Leigh, can you please put me on the list as well as my mate Will. A big meet will be a first for him, cheers. Will be great to meet the southerners again!
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