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  1. Robm, thanks! The board works 100% and love the rainbow LEDs! And super easy to install with the instructions on this thread. To anyone looking to fix their clock this is the business!
  2. Does that only apply to some Williams titles? And doesn't that make all the physical "mods" available for most machines also a breach of license?
  3. I'll try the different setting again. It's a shame the save was never programmed correctly. Is anyone still writing code for these ROMS?
  4. Seems to only reset with the hocus pocus magnet. Have tested with trunk magnet plus flippers. I'll try some other bumpers and the large ring magnet. If it's the 5v, then that would mean both my TZ and TOM boards are faulty because it's happening on both when I put them in the TOM. Could be the case, but I've never had a problem when the TZ board is in the TZ machine.
  5. Should have also pointed out Im a noob....what do you mean by loading up other voltage demands? Does it reset with other magnets for example? With the watchdog circuit - Ive already replaced the driver board with a known working one (though it works on another machine - TZ). Is the watchdog circuit only on the driver board or should I look elsewhere?
  6. HI, I have just upgraded the ROM for my TOTAN to 1.4 hoping that I can adjust the Genie vanishing ball magnet throw so that the ball doesnt go STDM from this magnet. I have tested all 3 options for this (a2.27) but none make any difference. Has anyone else had any luck getting the Genie magnet to throw (it has done it intermittently in the past but now it never does it). Also, there is an option to save the ball when this Genie magnet results in a SDTM (A2.22 I think), but I set this to on and it makes no difference - if it goes SDTM from the magnet there is no ball save. Thanks
  7. Hi, I have searched everywhere for this Theatre of Magic reset problem, but was hoping someone had the same specific problem and fixed it - or could be a bit more specific than all the other info I found. I know the reset issue is common with WPC machines of this age, but they all seem to relate to both flippers being pressed together About 1 in 5 games on my TOM completely resets ONLY when the Hocus Pokus side lane magnets are activated (Ie when they actually grab the ball). They activate, grab the ball and after about 2 seconds the whole machine resets. So far I have swapped the Driver board with a working TZ, but makes no difference. Any ideas about where I should be looking would be great. Thanks
  8. Thanks. I gave all the switches in the ball trough a clean and so far it hasn't repeated the problem.
  9. Fridgy, Thats perfect. Looks like my top post is about 6 mm too short! The bottom one looks fine. Now I need to find the correct one. Thank a lot for pics!
  10. Hey, Hoping someone's had this problem before. Today my TZ gave me 2 balls in play. It wasn't multiball, but straight after shooting the first ball (not skill shot but into the scoop), and it coming out of the slot scoop, another ball was sent into the launch area. I could then launch that ball as well and play with 2 balls. Any ideas what to look for? My guess is a sensor or switch is not recognizing the ball has gone into play. Where would I look?
  11. Hey, thanks for the link. Some great shots there that will help in future. The only pic/measure I can't find is the top part of the left post supporting the skill shot.
  12. Tales of Arabian Nights skill shot problem http://img.tapatalk.com/d/13/11/10/e7y9u4u4.jpg Here's the photo of the gap between the post and the skill shot plate. Apart from the measurements, im also now wondering if the top part of the post should be f-f or f-m.
  13. Hi, would love one of these boards. Do you still have some? Thanks
  14. Hi, Just got a nice TOTAN and loving it. A question to any TOTAN owners: My metal skill shot plate was sloped quite a lot to the left when I got it. I unscrewed the left support column and it now sits straight. So I think it had the wrong size left support. But I can't work out what the correct one should measure. Can anyone with a TOTAN measure the left support - both pieces (the m-f one under the clear ramp and the f-f one above the clear ramp that joins on to the skill shot plate). I'll take a photo tomorrow.
  15. Can u send me some pics of the TOM? What condition is the play field in? Did u take pics when dismantling it?
  16. Hi, Only just started using this forum. I've PM'd a member, CHOPCHOP, and he has replied to me also by PM. Bur now when I try to reply, a message tells me his PM box is full and I can't message him until his box is empty. And I can't message him to tell him to empty his box. I've checked if he is currently on the forum but he's not. Since it seems a lot of you guys are in contact with each other outside this forum, the only thing I could think of is to check if any users know how to contact him outside of this forum, they could ask him to empty his PM box. Or the administrators could do something. Unless anyone has any other suggestions. Thanks
  17. Fish Tales for Sale - $3000 ONO Hey chopchop, you need to empty your pm box. Can't reply.
  18. I'll take the slot machine scoop assembly for TZ.
  19. TZ Score Just got 1,453,111,290 on TZ. Fact Default 3 ball. All on last ball, no LOTZ (1 square missing...doh...) Its a crazy frustrating game - can go from 60 mil in one game to 1.4 bil the next game. I guess thats what keeps it interesting
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