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  1. And game 3....lol....must be some kind of record.... This one not restored but a goodie.....
  2. Maybe even Better than MMr powder coat lol...
  3. Nah, just showed a coin door still in the box. Now I’m actually unboxing. Some more goodies.
  4. Packed like new.....
  5. Wow. Plays perfectly out of the box. Plays lightning fast. Colour RGB GI is amazing. Topper is brilliant. Sound is brilliant. Huge “high def� screen and graphics upgrade is amazing. Great job CGC. These remakes just keep getting better and better.
  6. Might just leave it for tonight....good night all....thanks for watching
  7. No instructions for connecting the topper but pretty easy to work out....I hope lol...
  8. Lol. Just took a photo of your screen saver Dave?
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