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  1. I’ve got a good shipment of PDI coming in January if you can wait that long. Imo PDI is best if the bunch, but then they all do their job pretty well.
  2. Space Station on the Lloyds Auction at the moment. No idea the reserve, condition etc.
  3. Narcissistic would be the perfect description of said perpetrator if the rumors are true.
  4. https://www.facebook.com/groups/635574117350219/permalink/635787863995511/?sale_post_id=635787863995511
  5. Sweet. How do you guys clean up those coin doors?
  6. That’d just describe AA wouldn’t it? Wasn’t old or cranky when I joined AA. Now look what you bunch of miserable wippersnappers have done to me.1
  7. Wayne used to be the frontman and partner with Paul @ Pinballsales. Now Wayne isn’t the frontman, and Paul is doing it all. I still think Wayne is involved, but you deal directly with Paul now. @Ballypinball could probably chime in to confirm the exact details, but dealing with Paul is no different than dealing with Wayne in the past.
  8. He’s completely fine. He’s always been the importer for JJP, just using Wayne as frontman/partner.
  9. Agreed, it’ll be JJP’s best seller by a big margin. Still doubt the 5000 Le’s will sell out. And even if they do, they’ll be 5 other equivalent versions you can pick from.
  10. Might be a larger base, but also many more games being release from all suppliers. When Met was released, Stern were lucky to make 2 games per year, there was no JJP, no CgC, no AP, no Spooky.
  11. Even if by some miracle the LE’s did sell out (and they won’t), JJP have a history of making new “editions� if necessary. They’re going to milk this license for all it’s worth, just like WOZ. And they have a licensee that is very involved, so there won’t be any reason to stop producing until demand is completely exhausted.
  12. Tricky situation for all JJP distributors for sure. You’ve got to balance waiting lists and also loyal customers who’ve bought every single JJP game NIB. Tough call.
  13. Well done @Noob-A-Tron - you’ve got a special game there for sure. Gonna be a long wait lol
  14. Wonder what pricing will be like on this one. Any ideas when the first shipment is due down here?
  15. Apologies, didn’t see he added pics. Was just expecting a pm back. All good.
  16. Why did the op then go and list this on gumtree for the same price after getting heaps of interest here?
  17. This game is both a piece of art and a great player. Look forward to seeing the pics.
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