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  1. CE's actually left last week - must have been delays at port (not surprising): Guns N' Roses Collectors edition is onboardBomar Regina 0RP87S1MA, due to sail New York 5 May, eta MEL 8 June
  2. Has free shipping in Australia been confirmed? That would help, especially since the Yanks are getting Aus-US shipping thrown in.
  3. Great game @Doug11 . Loving mine.
  4. Wasn’t bagging at all - just checking if anyone knew of a solution, maybe repairing or resetting, without having to swap it. Amd were on holidays so couldn’t get in contact with them anyway.
  5. Just to follow up AMD were as usual very helpful and swapped the faulty board FOC. Anyone whining about AMD and they’re apparent “huge markups� need to pull their head in. Go and import direct (at almost the same price!!) and then see how much fantastic service is worth to you.
  6. Steve Ritchies best work bump.
  7. Fantastic and honest original - not many floating around like that. GLWS.
  8. Thanks guys. Will shoot Mike an email next week. Hopefully it’s under warranty- hasn’t had a lot of plays. They’re normally pretty good about warranty but haven’t had experience with node boards. Thought maybe there were some troubleshooting things to fix it, but as far i can see it’s all or nothing with these boards. I’ve had a lot of Spike games and this is the first node board failure - they’ve all been pretty stable. @Dedrok - wasn’t after the code update - in fact was turning into on for the first time in a couple of weeks to do the new update.
  9. How many have had this issue? Looks like a complete Node 8 failure. How long do AMD generally warranty these?
  10. To be fair, it’s literally just one guy - can’t u just eject him?
  11. I’ve had no issues at all with my game.
  12. Container packing 101. Not hard if you know what you’re doing. We don’t know who packed this current container or why it was done that way. There’s actually isn’t alot of damage attributable to the container packing and most of the damage is cosmetic and all is fixable.
  13. Different box, different stacking. Box that is structurally secure and packing that leaves no room for movement. Container packing 101.
  14. If you want to top load, that’s what’s needed. Either that, or you need to load the container properly so there’s no movement and all contents together create a stable base.
  15. Top loading is the main problem here. As long as they dont top load, should be fine. The boxes are OK for transit, just not suitable for holding 130kg games on top.
  16. Yeh, guess there’s no harm in doing everything and stenciling later if I’m not happy. It’s a tough call because I see both sides and this thread is almost 50/50 also. If the cab was really really nice, I’d have no problem keeping. Or if was really really f*d I’d definitely re-stencil. But this is nice with good colour and no art missing, and no major damage, but by the same token, it’s got some planking and a few marks and wear.
  17. Hi guys, Got this decent Fathom. The original cabinet art is good but not perfect. Playfield had some damage so I’ve got a brand new screen printed CPR Playfield to put in. I’m going to tumble/clean all the original parts where possible. Im going to clean up/repaint inside the cab etc. Question is, do I go the whole hog and re-stencil? Or do I leave the outside art original since it is decent? (Ignore the marks at the top of the cab - that’s under the rails). Honestly can’t decide since I see benefits of both.
  18. You still making the old style Bally side rails Jeff?
  19. Definitely need SE and LE - not sure if the difference is enough between LE and CE to justify a different list. And hardly worth it with only 15 or so CE coming in.
  20. I’ve got a good shipment of PDI coming in January if you can wait that long. Imo PDI is best if the bunch, but then they all do their job pretty well.
  21. Space Station on the Lloyds Auction at the moment. No idea the reserve, condition etc.
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