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  1. That’s up in the air at the moment….not even Stern seem to know when the next Premium run is. Either way this is a good price for a premium. I doubt they’ll be cheaper than this price from AMD.
  2. Here’s some gameplay ( ignore crap playing and crap resolution by YouTube lol )….multiball a couple minutes in…
  3. Pretty sure these Pros are airfreighted ones, but I have heard the LE’s have sailed with an ETA early 2022 (shipping gods willing).
  4. It’s a German company that sands back the original playfield and re-prints the art, then clear coats. So you end up with the original pf/inserts but with flawless art and beautiful clear. Looks phenomenal. www.pinball-classics.de but it’s all in German.
  5. Had a few tyre kickers but no money down yet…..so price drop bump. $10900
  6. Not to get in a fight, but which display pics are you talking about? There’s one pic in which the displays are powered off, but in the direct light so maybe the “off” colour is throwing you? All the display pics I can see are white. And the link works fine for me. Anyway, all good. Either way, it’s a gorgeous game. Really hate seeing it go. But that’s what happens when you’ve got 18 amazing games, space for 12 and 4 more coming.🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
  7. So let me make it simple for you…..the photos actually in this thread are of the actual finished game. The photos in the google link are of its restoration.
  8. White displays because it looks amazing. Not sure what you mean by different finishes? Some Photos are during restoration and others in my games room. Same game though.
  9. ****SOLD**** Selling my fully restored Centaur. I imported this from Belgium completely restored. $10900 Original playfield reprinted and clear coated from Pinball-Classics in Germany. Lots of polished /chromed parts , cabinet painted and clear coated , new insert panel with white led displays . New repro mpu board ,original reverb board with repro SAD chip , new cpr plastic set , rubbers , balls , drop / stand up targets , popbumper skirts / caps / rings , leg bolts , levelers, flipper buttons , etc . Black clear coated legs . Nice original back glass protected with mylar . Here’s some nice pics showing the restoration….. https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipMZw-n3D-RrXSRpGBj40GJIxLCrFrW298Fe9OHz2UYDHmrgqWy-deJWhCSlE32Eag?key=QlpNdXZXSW1meHRRQlQ0bEFUZF85U0tuSUY3SWZB Can take more pics if required. Regretful sale as I literally have less than no room and can’t decide what to get rid of. Game is in Sydney. Happy to send with Bill or Mark.
  10. I think it was about $3900 as per his Facebook post.
  11. Really surprised how well this game plays. Lots of interesting shots and good flow. And the upper pf is great.
  12. wow, going to be 100’s of GNR’s down here. 2nd only to acdc?
  13. Well done on the nice quick sale @OurManinOz - on out one in. As per @JOKERPOKER didn’t miss mine after I sold it.
  14. As above - $10k down on Mando, $11k down on Godzilla. Gives you an indication of margin I guess. Market is so strong they can get away with it - you don’t want to, it’s on to the next buyer. Recently theres always more LE buyers than LE’s available.
  15. Such a good game - especially after this latest code update. And now also with Scorebit connectivity possible.
  16. I think it’s just an LE thing - maybe because they can? Pretty sure you don’t need that sort of deposit with Pre Pro?
  17. Definitely need to get a good feel for the rules on this otherwise it can just feel like one big multiball. But once you do the game just opens up to greatness! 😍
  18. Yeh, bolted to the floor until they aren’t. I prefer blue tacked to the floor. Only 2 games that have ever been bolted to the floor for me are Metallica LE and ACDC. But have bought and sold ACDC 3 times. Last time I sold it I assumed it would be easy to find again…….
  19. Just covering their ass I think @Ferro - probably waiting on approval for one call-out or something.
  20. Was on twitch - might still be going Edit: Still on Jack Dangers Twitch now. he’ll upload to you tube later also edit again: here’s the replay: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1151709536
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