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  1. wow, going to be 100’s of GNR’s down here. 2nd only to acdc?
  2. Well done on the nice quick sale @OurManinOz - on out one in. As per @JOKERPOKER didn’t miss mine after I sold it.
  3. As above - $10k down on Mando, $11k down on Godzilla. Gives you an indication of margin I guess. Market is so strong they can get away with it - you don’t want to, it’s on to the next buyer. Recently theres always more LE buyers than LE’s available.
  4. Such a good game - especially after this latest code update. And now also with Scorebit connectivity possible.
  5. I think it’s just an LE thing - maybe because they can? Pretty sure you don’t need that sort of deposit with Pre Pro?
  6. Definitely need to get a good feel for the rules on this otherwise it can just feel like one big multiball. But once you do the game just opens up to greatness! 😍
  7. Yeh, bolted to the floor until they aren’t. I prefer blue tacked to the floor. Only 2 games that have ever been bolted to the floor for me are Metallica LE and ACDC. But have bought and sold ACDC 3 times. Last time I sold it I assumed it would be easy to find again…….
  8. Just covering their ass I think @Ferro - probably waiting on approval for one call-out or something.
  9. Was on twitch - might still be going Edit: Still on Jack Dangers Twitch now. he’ll upload to you tube later also edit again: here’s the replay: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1151709536
  10. Can’t believe we have to wait until Jan to play!!!!! How much is Air freight?
  11. Gameplay looks incredible.
  12. Going to be a lot down here I think. Game looks fantastic. Yeti’s art all starting to look the same and too colourful for the theme IMO. But everything else looks next level.
  13. Anyone have any updates on this? Lockdown and all, but they should still be working?
  14. Can’t wait for this. Such a shame we don’t even get to play the previous title before the new one is out. What are the pricing guesses…..$15950?
  15. My fathom has the exact cardboard stuff and was mouldy. Impossible to clean. The import food business next door uses the same cardboard in huge pallet size sheets. It goes under the cartons of food when shipping on pallets. They gave me a couple of sheets last time they had a delivery that used it - I could ask them to keep aside a sheet or 2 if you wanted? No idea when it would be though. It’s the same foil card as OG. Also conductive.
  16. Wouldn’t be too many DI CE’s in Australia I wouldn’t think. Anyone know how many made it down here?
  17. Sold. Thx for the interest. Thanks @spaceballs for the extra drama. Sorry @spacies for the unwelcome drama. Do we have to change the listing status like the old forum? @Arcade King ?
  18. I just used a hole saw like this: https://sydneytools.com.au/product/xtorque-xto18hol-18-pce-professional-grade-engineers-bimetal-hole-saw-set-kit?gclid=Cj0KCQjw7MGJBhD-ARIsAMZ0eevLWzQsUqkECMO24036KkfGkYdmb1F9hbqNvRVdC-cZebnUTuApVYgaAmweEALw_wcB you can buy individual bits from Bunnings. And a bench drill press. Use some 3 in 1 oil to lubricate. Some plywood underneath if necessary. Make sure it’s tightly clamped. It takes a while but you’ll get a good finish.
  19. You and me both. Not getting any better either.
  20. Brilliant game. Have you lost your mind @extendo ?
  21. Bump. Because I originally had this listed on AA for $1k cheaper than Mendoza’s Oz Wide FB group and he f*n deleted the listing and banned me from the page because I gave a $1k “discount” to Aa members. No warning, nothing.
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