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  1. wow, going to be 100’s of GNR’s down here. 2nd only to acdc?
  2. Well done on the nice quick sale @OurManinOz - on out one in. As per @JOKERPOKER didn’t miss mine after I sold it.
  3. As above - $10k down on Mando, $11k down on Godzilla. Gives you an indication of margin I guess. Market is so strong they can get away with it - you don’t want to, it’s on to the next buyer. Recently theres always more LE buyers than LE’s available.
  4. Such a good game - especially after this latest code update. And now also with Scorebit connectivity possible.
  5. I think it’s just an LE thing - maybe because they can? Pretty sure you don’t need that sort of deposit with Pre Pro?
  6. Definitely need to get a good feel for the rules on this otherwise it can just feel like one big multiball. But once you do the game just opens up to greatness! 😍
  7. Yeh, bolted to the floor until they aren’t. I prefer blue tacked to the floor. Only 2 games that have ever been bolted to the floor for me are Metallica LE and ACDC. But have bought and sold ACDC 3 times. Last time I sold it I assumed it would be easy to find again…….
  8. Just covering their ass I think @Ferro - probably waiting on approval for one call-out or something.
  9. Was on twitch - might still be going Edit: Still on Jack Dangers Twitch now. he’ll upload to you tube later also edit again: here’s the replay: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1151709536
  10. Can’t believe we have to wait until Jan to play!!!!! How much is Air freight?
  11. Gameplay looks incredible.
  12. Going to be a lot down here I think. Game looks fantastic. Yeti’s art all starting to look the same and too colourful for the theme IMO. But everything else looks next level.
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