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  1. Hope all you guys are enjoying your Mando’s. Really enjoying this game. Just gauging interest from Mando LE owners that want these backlit side rail kits. Only for LE - it’s the EL light panels that light up the cutouts in your existing Mando LE side rails. https://www.hookedonpinball.com/store/p229/Star-Wars-Mandalorian-LE-Side-Rail-Kits-Pinball-Mod.html Just looking to recover costs and help with shipping. They cost $159 usd plus Int’l and domestic shipping. So should land for about +\- $300 Aud. Unfortunately Hooked won’t ship to Australia now unless we use a courier, so combing up to 10 sets is the only cost effective ways. Let me know if anyones interested.
  2. Yeh….I can’t see myself forking out a small fortune to buy a scanner for all my Spike games. Will just wait to see how good it is before even doing the network diverter trick.
  3. I thought he meant installed, like hardware installed. Exciting times! Hopefully they come out with some cool features for it soon. Apparently that antenna is only on export games.
  4. Looks like it in @OurManinOz photo above. ☝️
  5. This one is absolutely aimed at North America. Like Aerosmith was. Looks like a great game though - tbh I’m not a huge fan of ACDC, Metallica or Maiden, and those are probably my favorite 3 pins. Really cant wait to finally play GZ Jeff. Shouldn’t be long now.
  6. Definitely a tough pill to swallow now. Seems like an increase on GZ, with expression lighting thrown in as a sweetener. Be interesting to see if next title without expression comes back down - somehow doubt it. Agree on the LE VS Premium. Having said that going to be tough paying LE prices for a Premium. If you add expression lighting to a Premium on Rush it will still be $14k!!!! Was only a couple of releases ago that was LE pricing.
  7. Definitely not metal @Ando77 . Prog rock for sure. Of the album’s I’ve listened to so far 2112 and Hemisphere stand out - but their catalogue is huge, so I’m sure there’s heaps more. Really talented guys - Neil Peart is phenomenal.
  8. Really like the look of this game, and actually like the music. Thinking I’ll take one for the team and order one. Wish me luck! Havent heard of one other person interested. Might be a tough onsell - but maybe it’ll be bolted to the floor forever 😂
  9. That’s up in the air at the moment….not even Stern seem to know when the next Premium run is. Either way this is a good price for a premium. I doubt they’ll be cheaper than this price from AMD.
  10. Here’s some gameplay ( ignore crap playing and crap resolution by YouTube lol )….multiball a couple minutes in…
  11. Pretty sure these Pros are airfreighted ones, but I have heard the LE’s have sailed with an ETA early 2022 (shipping gods willing).
  12. It’s a German company that sands back the original playfield and re-prints the art, then clear coats. So you end up with the original pf/inserts but with flawless art and beautiful clear. Looks phenomenal. www.pinball-classics.de but it’s all in German.
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