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  1. Hi, what does 'playfield reprinted' actually mean? Is it a new replacement, a restored original or has it got a playfield overlay?
  2. Looking for a good condition Xenon igf there is any out there sale atm. Cheers Adam
  3. It depends...not too fussed on condition but was hoping for something where I wouldn't have to do too much to it - bit of board work etc is ok but hoping not to have to do any pf or cabinet work. Got any pics you could shoot through?
  4. Hi guys, looking for anyone of these pins (Xenon, Fireball 2, Bride of Pinbot) - time to add something new! Let me know if you have one up for sale. Cheers Adam
  5. Finally someone selling a pin for a great reasonable price!
  6. Hi, looking for powder coated rails/legs/lockdown/hinges etc for my KISS Premium. Not too fussed with colour (to a degree) so let me know what you have! Cheers
  7. Hi, Looking for a very nice example of Williams Dracula machine. Cabinet fade is not an issue - but it must have an excellent play field. Would prefer Melbourne or Victoria if possible but will also consider interstate! Cheers Adam
  8. Very nice Sorcerer up for grabs. Back glass is excellent Play field is very good (probably best original I’ve seen) Cabinet is very good - has slight fading on one side and a few bumps and bruises but presents very well Plays fast and brutal as it should Price: $4500 Pick up in Preston
  9. Bally Fathom - only 3500 produced This machine rarely comes up for sale - it took me 3 years to track one down! Anyone who is familiar with the game play understands that it is an amazing game that more thans holds up today in terms of fun/rules/challenge etc. Amazing machine! New back glass (2nd generation repro with enhanced colour matching) http://www.planetarypinball.com/mm5/...PPS-G-440-17V2 New CPR Gold playfield New playfield plastics New drop targets New flippers New bumpers Restored re-stenciled cabinet Matching numbers Chrome rails Chrome lockdown Translucent rubbers New Bally era correct legs I will post picks later this evening. (hopefully) Price is 11k
  10. You mean the red ones? If so, I’d def be interested. It’s for KISS premium so red would work well. Can you pm me with details?
  11. Hey, Long shot but looking for powder coated (not factory) hardware for Stern. Will consider most colours (including chrome). Prefer Victoria if possible.
  12. Hi, looking for chrome mirror blades for a Stern KISS machine. Looking for Melbourne based if possible.
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