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  1. Thanks for explaining. Keep ‘em coming then I guess. It’s always good to see a Candy offered up here for sale.
  2. It’s great that someone’s bringing in Candy cabs @dragonlee - I’m assuming the regular east coast buyers aren’t really known to this forum? I’m feeling a bit like @DRAGONKZ and not seeing where all these candies are being bought and sold. I recall now you listed some cabs a while back, but don’t recall the prices. What’s your definition of “big bucks”? Why are you assuming that your prices are out of peoples price range? Maybe you just can’t articulate what you mean? Do you mean people generally aren’t willing to pay what you’re asking for your cabs?
  3. Isn’t your “stock” your personal collection which you may or may not choose to sell at any given time? As opposed to a shed full of candies you have for sale and are trying to move on?
  4. Great job again by all involved I’m sure. Hopefully someone posts a few pics. Fingers crossed I can get there next year.
  5. It’s good times have changed…but not so much where to get them I guess. Arcade Art Shop in the UK has side art for both versions. https://www.arcadeartshop.com/?s=Super+neo&post_type=product
  6. Have you guys got any feedback on the Super Neo 29? I saw one on GT a few months ago and kind of wished I’d jumped in. Pros and cons against usual Sega and Taito’s?
  7. Yeah I reckon Gate Ninety means $90 minimum spend to get anything. Glad they exist though.
  8. Arrived home today after a five week absence to find a few goodies. Some from Hong Kong, Mikado Arcade ashtrays from Japan and some cabinet hardware from UK. Just need some time at home now.
  9. Thanks Mark. Had a look and yeah looks awesome. It’s a timeless theme too. It won’t look dated in years to come as it’s already 65 years old. The way the ball moves around that magnet and the left flipper to the two way upwards downwards direction is so cool. Get that airfreight happening 🙂 True. Nothing beats Mustang.
  10. I guess there’s so many iterations of the brand - old stuff, modern films, anime etc. so they had to come up with some sort of middle ground. The pinball community didn’t want the “photoshop” real images any more. What’s of interest to me is that there’s only two pages of thread. Five years ago this thread would be on fire. Prices are just so high and getting one is just so hard. Maybe we lost some eyeballs with the forum change?
  11. Cool use of the cabinet with those older consoles.
  12. This is one place to have a read. Not exhaustive but decent. https://wiki.arcadeotaku.com/w/Main_Page I think forums and YouTube will get you a fair way too. Tracking down the manuals for the cabinets as well.
  13. So that’s you, me and @hashman who I know of that own them. You were the pioneer though 👍🏼
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