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  1. Thanks for the close-ups. I missed the detail in the other pics you posted. Love the fluro yellow and the nice finish of the ball top on the Virtua Stick. Those books look fun. Something to show non-arcade people and say “see…it’s a thing…it really is”.
  2. G’day @djsheep. I was just looking at misteraddons remote board - I recall you did a review at one point. Do you know whether there is case available?
  3. Yeah I think the best variety is yoko - there’s enough yoko shmups to keep me going. Ultimately I think it means a second Mistercade down the track. I’ve got a feeling there’s a script or setting there somewhere. Have you seen the directory with the CW and CCW vertical games organised?
  4. I finally got my Mistercade setup tonight after owning the bits for a few months. I’m pretty excited to get it in my cab after I do a bit more work on it. Just have to decide whether to tate or yoko.
  5. Very cool. Is the IGM not cutting it as far as versatility and range of games?
  6. Looking great @mR_CaESaR what hardware are you running in the Aeros?
  7. Chaito stools 😜 I’d give one a crack. Thanks for the link @dzhay1981
  8. Thanks mate. That makes sense. Appreciate the reply.
  9. Out of curiosity @Berty did you wire the monitor into the cabinet power supply so it would turn on automatically? I’m interested to hear how you did it if so.
  10. Got my order in already. I really appreciate @xb74 getting in those retaining straps for arcade cab wiring and the special led button. I’m mostly looking forward to trying out the rubber finish Kinu ball tops.
  11. I am keen @stu if you don’t get any local takers and you can post.
  12. Exciting stuff. That Vewlix replica cab you source is rock-solid. I’ll look forward to the reveal. I am planning to take apart my Lindbergh monitor for cleaning in the next month (🫰) and am happy to measure up the original for you if that could help.
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