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  1. Got one annoying problem. It always plays two credits, first thought would be the button but even if unplugged. If memory reset I can play 1 credit but straight after that will always play two credits on its own. Changed a couple of ide cables and a couple of chips. Any one got an idea where to look next. Pain without schematics
  2. Changed both super capacitors 5.5v. 47f, swapped chips. Powered on for a while to charge. Replace jackpot and audit key switches
  3. Yes, CRT, only way to truly enjoy classic games Thanks, Wanted it to be better than a bought one, I might be making a few
  4. Finally finished, I'm happy with the results
  5. Hi Guy's, saved from a skip bin. Don't know where to start here. I've swapped over from one to the other and pretty sure I've got two two dodgy controller boards. Can't find anything and I mean anything online. Happy to post the boards off to one of you guys to see if there is any way to get em going again.
  6. Point taken Brad, I'm trying to get a better price for glass. Glass it will be.
  7. Thanks mate, got 6mm with polished edges $80. Plastic for industry in Dandenong VIC. Much cheaper than glass but like you said, scratches easy, I'll keep that in mind. Thanks mate
  8. I've had a bit of cad skills but been a while
  9. Hi Guy's. Seems like years since I've done anything, my wine barrel cabinets were about 20yrs ago. Anyway fixed an old cocktail cab for my sister and her mate asked if I could make a new one. Putting up a couple of pics for thoughts and suggestions on improvements. I'm trying an acrylic top instead of glass, have to wait an see when monitor is running. Running power as in pic with ac line filter. All 16mm pre finished mdf. Monitor surrounds are always a bitch. Cut the plastic off the front of TV and sprayed black then curved a thin piece of Chalkboard then just a bit of board either side to fill the gaps. Any thoughts or way to improve???
  10. After 2600 tai chip for a 4 switch vader, I'm not sure that's the problem but everything else seems ok. Cheers Laurie Sent from my SM-A520F using Aussie Arcade mobile app
  11. Sold Sent from my SM-A520F using Aussie Arcade mobile app
  12. Sweet as mate. Sent from my SM-A520F using Aussie Arcade mobile app
  13. Bit harsh. Sent from my SM-A520F using Aussie Arcade mobile app
  14. Sorry $600 pics on gumtree and facebook Sent from my SM-A520F using Aussie Arcade mobile app
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