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  1. On 27/09/2021 at 7:36 PM, JOKERPOKER said:

    I thought these came out with an upgraded sound package. @Ferroso not up to scratch Dan or just wanting it over the top?

    The sound is okay. I think I have got used to it now and don’t mind it. I did adjust voice, music, effects sounds so balanced well now.

    I do want to add external bass tho! 😝

    6 hours ago, radirgyman said:

    Can the LE use a sound bar across the top like the CE? My CE sounds great. But that could also be due to the room it’s in. 

    Is the sound bar sound directly connected? I think via Bluetooth there is a slight delay in sound

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  2. Hi gang,

    Anyone have affordable ideas about upgrading JJP speakers/sound?? GnRLE needs more boom! Amp?

    No such thing as ‘affordable’ in pinball?? 😝

    Maybe just easier going Bluetooth with new speaker and sub??


  3. But as usual, don’t judge too soon on appearance but let’s see more gameplay and have to play one myself to see what I really think.


    No comparison to GnR LE on appearance but I reckon GnR gameplay might be average... LZ could play good??

  4. I had a feeling Steve Richie was gonna stuff it! LE artwork is..... not sure what that is! No comparison to GnR LE and I think for roughly the same dollars yeah? Giving it a miss. Unfortunately, it’s my favourite band!!!! 😭😭😭😭


    They definitely have Lucifer flying all over the playfield!!! �

  5. I had the same problem with my LE. The metal plate under the 3 drop targets is to far away from the coil. When coil activates it doesn’t pull the metal plate in. You may have to loosen and bend the plate a little, tighten the springs and I also place a business card thickness behind the coil to bring it forward a little. Still had to wobble the metal plate occasionally to loosen it up. Let me know how you go!



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  6. One of the things that concerns me about it’s this game is the LONG ball save timers as factory in the multi balls. I saw two or three where the ball save was about 42 seconds! Also mention in the stream if you perform well during the songs and keep it going you get better rewarded. There’s about 20 songs in this game isn’t there? And they’re all pretty bloody long songs too. We’re talking about a 2 hour plus game if you perform well to see the end? I mean value for money for the average punter but you don’t want a game on site averaging 10 minute game times! Hell I don’t like playing a long game on my home machines hence the brutal games in the collection. Just saying that’s all. Still looking by forward to playing one. Just looking for others thoughts on the above


    I agree re long ball games and multiball heavy but that’s were we can change the settings and outline posts - the harder the better is how I like to play so I can customise it!


    I believe the LEs will sell out

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  7. Hi Dylan, big huge thank you for setting me up with the Arpicade and Raspberry - games loaded and everything works a treat!! having a ball!!!

    totally recommend contacting Dylan to hook you up - he was a great help!! Arcade and Pinball - don't get better than this! ;)


    Thanks again mate!!

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